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  1. 1 hour ago, Bailey said:


    Peter seems like he can write relatively well with a decently done application, as well as this could be a good way for him to develop new relationships within the community and show people what he's made of.


  2. 1 hour ago, Mongo said:


    Hi Bizza, You may remember me from a mutual server, despite this you where a minge back on Galactic and I don't believe you would change if you got unbanned on Imperial Gaming

    You also had quite the temper which isn't something that's great. even if chopz added his two cents to the conversation I don't think my answer would change.


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  3. 2 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

    I'm on the fence on this one. The one thing I see that is wrong is that Zaspan claimed his own case that goes against him leading towards a argument, if Zaspan didn't take the sit the warn wouldn't have happened and you two wouldn't have had an argument. I'm also going to wait for Zaspans respond before I give any further judgement on the situation.


  4. 7 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

    If it was in RP then you couldn't have been banned. All the players that went to Ilum on your 'final stand' would have known that they had the potential to be killed by you guys since you were an insurgent group that was going against the Empire. I don't understand why you didn't go onto TS the next day or weekend and asked Whitey or the current Krennic at that time who was most likely Gusky and try to resolve the issue then and there. It would have been fresh and easy to remember the reason as to why Gusky banned you. From my experience, you need an Event master's approval to host mini events/ passive/ aggressive RP to this extent but that's from my experience doing mutinies when I was a mutiny lover. During those times I would always be pulled up about those things which wasn't fun at all.


    To me all it sounds like is a little mishap that you were involved in. If people were shooting at you and you shot back and they happened to die, it shouldn't be classed as RDM or Mass RDM for that matter since they shot at you and it was an in RP gun fight. I feel like this ban should be lifted and if lifting the ban is to 'slap on the wrist' then give him a ban reduction at worst.

    I would also like to hear @Guskywalker's opinion and reasoning as to why you got banned for Mass RDM but I don't think he would be able to remember all the people he banned and why they were banned. Good Luck Puppy!. 

    +1 For Now.

    Also your STEAMID ID doesnt show any bans on the ban tracker for IG

    (Probably Wrong but were you apart of the GNK group?)



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