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  1. 8 hours ago, Helsing said:

    +1 (Given the information provided is correct)

    This ban was a long time ago. I believe they have had plenty of time to change their ways, and they seem to be sincere about wanting to make amends.


  2. 3 hours ago, SiegeMonkey said:

    -1 / Neutral 

    You haven't even waited 24 hours before appealing the ban which really isn't that great for starters. If there are players breaking rules (Minging, Trolling, RDMing like you said) then you use the @ symbol to call for a staff member's assistance. You do not kill them back as that just creates confusion when the staff come to deal with it as you have now RDM'd / Broken NLR. 

    Personally I think you need to either way a while longer or wait for wolf to give his input on the matter. 

    Also, it would be helpful for everyone who wasn't there if you added as much detail as possible while explaining the situation in your appeal. You've basically just said that people were killing you, which doesn't explain the entire situation I would imagine. 



  3. 28 minutes ago, Rivers said:


    Application lacks details in areas, especially for the events. The event ideas are nice enough but there needs to be more descriptions with maps, characters, weapons, hp and just more detail overall. Your intentions seem pure but a little more needs to be put into the application before I can leave positive support. Take a look at previously accepted applications to identify areas in which you could improve and take some pointers from what they have written.

    Best of luck,



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