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  1. Minecraft is a timeless game especially when you go back to the older versions. Personally, it gives me the nostalgia that Old School Runescape gives me. 

    It's also quite fun even years after I had lasted played it. All the little kids went from Minecraft>Fortnite, so the community has become a lot less toxic  

    We, Wind, Splonter managed to get about 20~ people to join our towny server. Which was good fun and still is.

    As for the other games mentioned not a fan

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  2. 8 hours ago, Aphrodite said:

    You've improved a lot the past couple of weeks, the only issue I have is the application itself. 

    You need to redo it, I don't think it's a great idea to use an old one as it doesn't show how creative you are which is important for EMs.

    Apart from that, you've come a long way.


    1 minute ago, Bailey said:

    Dear all users, I’d like to remind you to refrain from any replies that are just a personal attack or a vendetta against the applicant.

    @Splonter has made a good point and, however, because he hasn’t been on the Clone Wars in a while to see the change in Peter, his -1 will still be taken into account, but change and maturity will also be taken into account.

    Thank you again, keep this thread on topic.

    Kind regards,

    - Bailey


    Neutral For Now

  3. 15 hours ago, zaspan said:

    -1 - Once a cheater always a cheater. You also failed to mention the fact that your cheats were undetectable and that you had the ability to see super admin commands. If management had not put you on the spot after they had initially caught you via screenshot on your steam profile, would you have admitted to cheating at all? Regardless, I personally would not you back in the community. 

    Big -`1

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  4. 9 hours ago, Carswell said:

    Hi Solar, I will be giving you a -1 because,

    • There is serious room for improvement in your event structure and detail
    • Your event ideas seem quite basic (There is a lot of room for improvement within the event ideas)
    • The application lacks detail in the questions
    • Will be willing to change to Neutral or +1 if improvement is seen.

    Best of luck, 



  5. 6 hours ago, Sully said:



    Having PAC3 as a donatable function is not a good idea, there are many ways in which PAC can be abused and additionally the more people using PAC on the server the more it will effect peoples FPS as they will have to load in each users PAC creation when nearby. I feel as if the current method for obtaining PAC (via application) is best for the server as a whole, I can see where you are coming from in terms of allowing more users to enhance their RP whilst creating additional revenue for the server but as an overall concept I do not see this working nor do i see this being implemented by the Management team.





  6. 1 hour ago, Ragetank said:

    Confirmed that its an interstate problem. If you are really desperate to join you can use tunnel bear to VPN to America/NZ and connect via that (currently connected VIA a VPN to America). Otherwise you have to wait till the interstate line is fixed.


  7. I  believe that depending on rank or regiment than you should be allowed to use the poses.


    I also believe that some should be removed entirely from certain regiments. E.G Shadow Guard / Royal Guard because some of the animations can break their models and ruining RP

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