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  1. My response "Are you retarded?" Comedy Gold
  2. He cant even hear us hes got his air pods in
  3. Its acctually RT/SK change my mind
  4. VF with the new DLT-19 @Wind
  5. He just stumbled across it accidentially
  6. Fans of the Borderlands series don't fear any longer - Another instalment is here.
  7. Minecraft is a timeless game especially when you go back to the older versions. Personally, it gives me the nostalgia that Old School Runescape gives me. It's also quite fun even years after I had lasted played it. All the little kids went from Minecraft>Fortnite, so the community has become a lot less toxic We, Wind, Splonter managed to get about 20~ people to join our towny server. Which was good fun and still is. As for the other games mentioned not a fan
  8. Cya, I guess hope to see you on Minecraft
  9. Who else would be so good for the job?
  10. I brought it in closing days of InfDev. Golden Days
  11. pac_drawdistance 1 anyone?
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