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  1. TomCos

    New Video

    Im sorry Devo
  2. smh that fight was rigged
  3. TomCos

    ISB Minecraft Ending

    400 xp?? dodgy asf
  4. Its a Black Hole in a black space. hard to see just like the word black hole in this reply ALso space is very wide not as big as minecraft tho Black Hole
  5. TomCos

    MH1 Staunch

    Should be fixed quality is crap now tho :c
  6. TomCos

    MH1 Staunch

    Made this in IST when we had to convert a photo to a video, so I found a steam screen shot and used it... This took to long
  7. im am now Tom Redacted. But yeah, serious issue. Be safe on the internet
  8. Since I do IST at school we used Adobe After Affects and Muse CC we just got given all apps no idea why tho
  9. Get photoshop free with school 8)
  10. My response "Are you retarded?" Comedy Gold
  11. He cant even hear us hes got his air pods in
  12. Its acctually RT/SK change my mind
  13. VF with the new DLT-19 @Wind
  14. He just stumbled across it accidentially
  15. Fans of the Borderlands series don't fear any longer - Another instalment is here.
  16. Minecraft is a timeless game especially when you go back to the older versions. Personally, it gives me the nostalgia that Old School Runescape gives me. It's also quite fun even years after I had lasted played it. All the little kids went from Minecraft>Fortnite, so the community has become a lot less toxic We, Wind, Splonter managed to get about 20~ people to join our towny server. Which was good fun and still is. As for the other games mentioned not a fan
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