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  1. @Chimp May be able to help.
  2. Thank you for your contribution Taki.
  3. I thought your name was Jol the heck jk welcome to the fourms
  4. ay yo who dat guy Welcome back Snoozy
  5. How many warns do you have exactly if you remeber and what are they for?
  6. Not even using Sphax 512x Complete Resource Pack 3D smh
  7. bandicam is the best recording software
  8. TomCos

    New Video

    Im sorry Devo
  9. smh that fight was rigged
  10. TomCos

    ISB Minecraft Ending

    400 xp?? dodgy asf
  11. +1 Active Mature Detailed App (Could use a little more) Good Boy in VF
  12. Its a Black Hole in a black space. hard to see just like the word black hole in this reply ALso space is very wide not as big as minecraft tho Black Hole
  13. TomCos

    MH1 Staunch

    Should be fixed quality is crap now tho :c
  14. TomCos

    MH1 Staunch

    Made this in IST when we had to convert a photo to a video, so I found a steam screen shot and used it... This took to long
  15. im am now Tom Redacted. But yeah, serious issue. Be safe on the internet
  16. Since I do IST at school we used Adobe After Affects and Muse CC we just got given all apps no idea why tho
  17. Get photoshop free with school 8)
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