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  1. Not a very good photo but here you go https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1590837845
  2. Talking about a death star @Max
  3. Cya, Still remember the like million PM's you sent me trying to join VF GL irl
  4. ay yo who that guy must be jumping down elevators
  5. It was good while it lasted
  6. 140$ For Free? Sure ill download it and never use it
  7. Not as good as the escape pod Also mind the quality
  8. The Austrian empire will reign supreime one day those pesky romaininas stand no chance
  9. Hi all, For those that don't already know, I am departing from IG for a while to ensure that I don't do sh*t at school. I am resigning from CO position in VF and as a Moderator on Imperial (Could set me to user). I would like to thank every one of you that have impacted the time of my playtime on IG. Start off with who introduced me to IG - @Vanilla, a bit of backstory, Vanilla played on IG way before me. I and a few of my IRL friends wanted him to play R6 and we thought the only way was to make him quit IG, sooooo I went on to minge and get him in trouble, obviously,
  10. o7 You were an amazing com manager
  11. @Chimp May be able to help.
  12. Thank you for your contribution Taki.
  13. I thought your name was Jol the heck jk welcome to the fourms
  14. ay yo who dat guy Welcome back Snoozy
  15. How many warns do you have exactly if you remeber and what are they for?
  16. Not even using Sphax 512x Complete Resource Pack 3D smh
  17. bandicam is the best recording software
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