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  1. 1 minute ago, Vanilla said:

    Team Pterodactyl all the way

    What? Do you really think the "pTerOdaCtYl" is the most superior dinosaur. This is utterly false and therefore irrelevant, please never comment on my board again. I will be leaving a downvote as my sign. Don't let it happen again.

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  2. On 2/17/2021 at 8:19 AM, Hyperion said:

    Hey Garry! first of all I wish you luck with this application whatever the result come out of it better then you were before it. Instead of ranting on I have made points on what you can improve on now and what you can improve on overtime.

    What you can act on now:

    • Add more explanation to your scenario questions i.e what punishments you would give, specifically what rank staff member you would approach etc
    • This isn't required but increasing font size, creating space between questions and changing the color of questions can make your application more appealing and easier to read, anything that helps right
    • Consider applying for the support team

    What you can work on overtime:

    • Engage more with the community, be yourself, show the community that you can be mature, understand the server rules fully the sort of things that are required traits as a moderator.
      • Participate in events, approach more people in game create RP with these people, interaction is key!
    • The more experience the better, most of the staff team have been around the community for a long time, a good moderator does as best they can to understand the in and outs of the servers rules and how it runs, getting to know as many of the members in the community you are moderating is also important.

    How you conduct yourself and how members know you in the community largely impacts applications as it is the community that judges whether a person is fit for a position based on what they see of you in the community.


    I do see the potential of a great moderator here but your not there yet Garry, take my feedback here and apply it, I grantee if you do and do so well you will have a strong application, but for now I will be leaving a Negative response on this application as I believe you are not ready yet.

    Well said. I am willing to change my responce.

  3. Flame Trooper - Fareed died a horrible death fire fighting on the bridge so has no more as his fire retardant armour was defective and he was burnt alive.

    Vader Fist / SK - Tom my current character was born at the end of the CW near end of EP3 and was injured early on but recovered, bounced around from VF to SK then back to VF eventually he will probably die but he should either be discharged and become a advisor or recruit trainer. Or you know just die.

    CFP - M. Tom (Major Tom of course), Rose through the ranks of CFP and retired at a CL3 rank (cant remember) and lives on Coruscant as of our time line.

  4. I agree with this, sky is currently missing one person, whatever regiment it gets replaced with be displacing 7 people. Sky is also 2nd place on the elite regiment board so they obviously are doing very well (FT first ;) ). I completely disagree with the removal of sky troopers unless some overwhelming reason is given as to why sky should be replaced.


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