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  1. Dont play anymore but, o7.
  2. The South will rise once more! Death to the beserkers!
  3. What? Do you really think the "pTerOdaCtYl" is the most superior dinosaur. This is utterly false and therefore irrelevant, please never comment on my board again. I will be leaving a downvote as my sign. Don't let it happen again.
  4. Flame Trooper - Fareed died a horrible death fire fighting on the bridge so has no more as his fire retardant armour was defective and he was burnt alive. Vader Fist / SK - Tom my current character was born at the end of the CW near end of EP3 and was injured early on but recovered, bounced around from VF to SK then back to VF eventually he will probably die but he should either be discharged and become a advisor or recruit trainer. Or you know just die. CFP - M. Tom (Major Tom of course), Rose through the ranks of CFP and retired at a CL3 rank (cant remember) and lives on Coruscant
  5. If you are not trying to add anything meaningful to this topic just stop replying.
  6. I agree with this, sky is currently missing one person, whatever regiment it gets replaced with be displacing 7 people. Sky is also 2nd place on the elite regiment board so they obviously are doing very well (FT first ). I completely disagree with the removal of sky troopers unless some overwhelming reason is given as to why sky should be replaced.
  7. Played leauge with the man once didnt get mention smh /s Have a good one Dirthi
  8. Just get the entire server in one squad right?
  9. Time for me to stop lurking and type for once! Sad to see you go man was good times in VF. GL.
  10. @Splonter What are you fishing for?
  11. I joined to get @Vanilla in trouble and play rainbow with the bois
  12. Its epic games and im am sadly not an epic enough gamer.
  13. Fffffff reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
  14. Nice person very friends eshay lad Also leads special retard team
  15. An imposter Not my birthday yet
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