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  1. o7 Sad to see ya go 80
  2. Its epic games and im am sadly not an epic enough gamer.
  3. Would we go in ts or in a discord @Ragdig and who would host?
  4. Fffffff reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
  5. Steam Description Victory is at your fingertips! Your ability to lead your nation is your supreme weapon, the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV lets you take command of any nation in World War II; the most engaging conflict in world history. https://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/Hearts_of_Iron_IV/
  6. This is going to work this time for sure Yeah im down Jol's game will break again calling it
  7. Nice person very friends eshay lad Also leads special retard team
  8. An imposter Not my birthday yet
  9. Not a very good photo but here you go https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1590837845
  10. TomCos

    Dank M3mes 2/Remastered

    Talking about a death star @Max
  11. Cya, Still remember the like million PM's you sent me trying to join VF GL irl
  12. ay yo who that guy must be jumping down elevators
  13. 140$ For Free? Sure ill download it and never use it
  14. +1 Great EM before
  15. Not as good as the escape pod Also mind the quality
  16. The Austrian empire will reign supreime one day those pesky romaininas stand no chance
  17. Hi all, For those that don't already know, I am departing from IG for a while to ensure that I don't do sh*t at school. I am resigning from CO position in VF and as a Moderator on Imperial (Could set me to user). I would like to thank every one of you that have impacted the time of my playtime on IG. Start off with who introduced me to IG - @Vanilla, a bit of backstory, Vanilla played on IG way before me. I and a few of my IRL friends wanted him to play R6 and we thought the only way was to make him quit IG, sooooo I went on to minge and get him in trouble, obviously, I fell in love with SWRP and IG. When I joined @Ragdig, trained me when he was a JT. On the 26/9/18 A random ST PVT gave me a tour and asked if I wanted to sit in the Emperor's chair. I said of course than I died. After this and wondering around for a few days, I befriended two ST's Droplet and Bass. We did the usual minge and got bored before we decided to be cool kids and go into the vents. This was when the TI vault was near the engine room and it was accessible. Of course, I was told to look inside and I immediately got dropped down the vent into the Vault, we went to DEFCON 2 and I sh*t my self and ran. After this, I was VF training in MH2, they were doing attack/defence bunker battles and I saw my good ol mate Droplet, I was like cool Ill join and after a few games me and @Wind 1v1ed he was an Officer Cadet. He obviously destroyed me using the superior DLT-19. I was wondering around the ISD after an event and saw Droplet as a VF, so I was like cool ill join. Somehow I passed tryouts and I got into VF on the 30/9/18 I rose through the ranks of VF slowly till CL2 and Than CL3 when good ol Major Tom became a meme. never forget. When the new CWRP server come out Wind and a large amount of other VF left also. I was then left as ACO of VF. VF had its ups and its downs but with @Ghost4448 @Outback's help, it became a great reg, when suddenly a large amount of VF left within a few days and with school starting it back up it seemed doomed. But with a small number of dedicated people, we managed to keep it alive for a while. In the end today. Some notable moments of my time that didnt make the cut 1. Whitey Being Whitey at ST training 2. Me saying that im good at math at tryouts 3. Getting demoted for calling wind a girl 4. Vanilla and Adams Wedding 5. Becoming 2IC of VF 6. Going to the Death Star for the first time and Vanilla Pming me that he had pissed him self and needed new pants. 7. The Bane Tank 8. Tarkin (Jman) Mowing down people outside ILC being rebuilt 9. @LuckyMikey not knowing how to climbswep until Sgt 10. Whitey Being Whitey Yet Again 11. IC stack 12. March of the CO's 13. Whitey Being Whitey Yet again SMH MY HEAD 14. This And many more. Thank you to all members of management for making such a great community, Long Live IG Love you all Bye
  18. +1 Trustable Known Good example Friendly Knows Lua and Glua More examples would be great
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