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  1. On 10/30/2020 at 5:30 PM, Rook said:

    Hello IG, Rook's Race has ended. @Lucky is victorious.

    It was fun going through it, though I did get stuck a bit on a couple things until things clicked (and boy did I feel stupid when they did).

    He's going to post how to get the answers soon but honestly if you feel up to it still try and see how far you can get, it feels better to work it out than to just get told the answer.

  2. 19 hours ago, JDark47 said:

    Everything should be kept in character even accidentally hitting comms binds. Having that bind is at your discretion and doesn't represent the realistic time of speaking into a comms device, as it would transmit immediately. A comms bind in this perspective would be more like a panic button which can accidentally be pressed.


    17 hours ago, Clover said:

    if you accidently fat finguere a bind i don't think you can accidently say. [SITREP] There are hostiles in the brig! that is something that you wouldn't just randomly on accident call out. hense why you should be able to void it

    I present a possible middle ground (that I think JDark possibly was implying):

    How about, if you hit a comms bind and want to void it, void it in rp? As in to void it you must do the "void" message in comms instead of in ooc so that rp isn't taken away if its there and if the message is something that needs to be taken into rp, it is kept in rp.

    Lets say someone hits their taking off bind, that's easily justifiable as a message someone would have ready to send when needed, possibly the same for the sitrep binds that were being discussed in this post, as those would need to go out at a moment's notice. So, if you hit it by accident, lets say its still transmitted and if you wish to void it, you do so in the rp side. This avoids the issue if voiding "bad jokes" and things that would cause rp in character as its being kept in character and that rp can still occur but allows for an in-rp method to deal with an accidental bind or incorrect message.

    With that being said I can think of a few exceptions off the top of my head, for example accidentally getting the sender and receiver of a comms message backwards such that it looks like you're using their comms to yourself, or the case where an ec hits a bind that they have for when there an imperial. IMO the former shouldn't be voided but instead just the part that is an error amended in ooc,

    I.e (assuming the player is an ST) "/comms [IHC>ST] Requesting a meeting sir!" "/ooc [ST>IHC]*"

    And in the latter, with an ec or civ hitting a bind that it makes no sense for them to have, that might still be voided through ooc as that bind is for the players imperial character, not for said ec/civ. To add on to this I think an EM should be able to void an ec's comms rp if needed, as that is part of overseeing ecs.

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  3. Discord: WolfOfLegend#0575

    What to draw:
    If you feel like practising faces how about a devaronian head kinda in the same vein as this but with his mouth covered with a bandanna




    or if not then a stylised wolf head would be dope

  4. Lumberyard > All
    Fite me


    But in all seriousness knowing who follows him on twitter, the vote is going to end with Source 2 being super far ahead. Which honestly sucks but people assume Source 2 will be 'revolutionary' simply because its made by valve. Also reading the comments its all talking about Source vs UE and Unity, the only person I've seen so far talking about Lumberyard was saying "I don't know what it is but I guessed it would be the lowest rated so I voted for it."

  5. As with Lucky's Backstory before, I have decided to expand on Surface Marshal Creed's backstory. For those who aren't aware its actually a name from Warhammer40k, but I decided to use him as my new ingame character and thus have adapted his backstory for the Star Wars setting. Enjoy, constructive criticism is always appreciated, and aspects are subject to change.

    <Personnel Report: Ursarkar E. Creed>





    Also for those who read the Lucky backstory, I have updated it to suit the change of character.

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  6. Sadly the only ISB that wasn't a civ or EC was AFK so I was the one that 'interrogated' him. (It was a questioning more than an interrogation, but still).

    I have got to say he can really think on his feet well, every small trap I tried to pull to make him sound treasonous he avoided (except for accidentally calling the Imperial Government a 'occupation' but he managed to just barely save himself from that slip) and every question I asked he managed to talk his way around to sound like a disgruntled civilian and a victim of circumstance. He made a half-believable story and stuck to it, managing to wave away the holes to negligence. 

    It was great fun RPing with him, glad I got to do it.

  7. 11 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    Change my mind Ewan McGregor did Obi-Wan more justice than Alex Guinness, as much as I love old Obi-Wan, Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan is my favourite.

    Honestly agreed. As much as I love the old sage that old Obi-Wan is, Ewan played the young master so well and made him so likable.


    With that being said James A. Taylor did a really good job voicing him in Clone Wars and that is where a majority of my favourite Obi-Wan moments are from.

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  8. The combat honestly looks a little clunky, and they either chose a fairly bad portion of the game to show for an E3 teaser or the entire game is going to be that slow paced, so hope that EA just messed up on marketing on this one. As much as there are a few troopers scattered around it feels kind of empty for an imperial mining operation and the largest number of troopers on screen together that I would maybe call a squad is when the troopers are focusing on those giant spiders.

    Makes me want to go back and replay force unleashed more than it makes me hopeful for the game, which is probably not the reaction they were going for.

    But on the bright side slowing down the blaster bolt then force-pulling the trooper so he shot himself in the back was pretty cool.

  9. 1 hour ago, Sully said:



    • Appeal has minimal detail.
    • User has not taken the appeal seriously, as seen by the name of the appeal.
    • Users intentions on being unbanned do not seem pure.
    • User was banned for no intent to RP and minging and yet has not learnt their lesson
    • User was banned by the community owner permanently meaning what you did must have been heavily against the rules.
    • Need I say more...



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