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  1. My dad really liked GTA Vice city when i was young and for some reason we were allowed to play despite the fact I was 4. Apparently my little brother would pick up "ladies of the night" and I would purposely drive my cars on the footpath. I also recall playing Call of duty on the Wii which was fun
  2. Ragdig

    Guten Tag!

    Guten tag! Ich bin Ragdig. Wie gehts? That's all the German I know
  3. I'll give it a go. Looks like a cool concept for obvious reasons. But yea no hurt in trying despite the fact the sites in french...
  4. I remember absolutely loving this back in the day but I think I was too young to understand anything. I should really get back into it and I can't wait till i'm back from my holidays to do so. I just hope I can find the time
  5. Looks like good fun. I would love to play some Hoi4 but mine runs like Shizen unfortunately. Wouldn't mind a bit of the mining and crafting though if you'll have me. Nonetheless I'll make sure to watch and give my support!
  6. Big +1 Rivers is a solid dude, i'm sure he'll do amazing in this role. He has lots of experience and having him as a mod will be great for the server. Best of Luck Rivers!
  7. Ragdig


    Cheers Crunchy, I'll save this for next year
  8. Looks great. Your a well known player and a Legend of Shadow. From what I've seen you would be fit for this role. +1 Good luck Noni!
  9. Your ones are dumb either way jk ily
  10. -1 I'm sure you're a great guy and all but a significant amount of detail needs to be added before my opinion changes. Look at past accepted apps for an idea
  11. *Stands up and starts clapping*
  12. Yea +1 Looking at developer stuff hurts my brain so i'm glad your brain can hurt for us
  13. Ragdig

    Erryday chest day

    Idk man still looks like he could kill me with a wink. Very scary boy
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