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  1. oh well dont unban me then i was really going to rp
  2. bruh everone was like that on the sever back chatting all the time
  3. like i dont see the big deal of this really all i did was press the button cause i got a little pissed and i got banned and its been a year and i fully want to role play
  4. hey emerald you copy and paste from basil
  5. Steam Details Steam Name: Rick Grimes Steam ID: Mattymadmatt642 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198343038365/ In Game Details In Game Name: dont know In Game Rank: dont know In Game Regiment: dont know Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: like a year ago Which staff member banned you: Ridge What date did the ban occur: dont know What was the reason for the ban: i was kicked out of shock cause i wasnt on for 4 days cause i was doing something elsewhe
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