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  1. The images you've linked - you could always edit them to suit all current regiments and add shading in some areas to make them more detailed.
  2. Not get lost signs (maps, detailed maps, signs, helpful markers)
  3. Not forgiven for being a minge. but goodbye.
  4. One of those moments you wish you could mass rdm in.
  5. I made the glitter looc ages ago it was a meme why you people do this
  6. Plis don't get technical I just wanted a peaceful protest of just an image Why you do dis
  7. /me throws glitter in the air
  8. 100% real no fake edit: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Glitterstim - https://swtor.gamepedia.com/Life_Day_Tinsel_Bomb
  9. End me do it, I have nothing to live for ;(
  10. But its the principles of it all ):
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