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  1. You better shut it before i get the belt (jk you're a good lad) You still are
  2. +1 Is able to deal with my mingy ways 24/7 without losing his cool Plus reason have already been said
  3. sign me up, may need a bit of help making a chacrter sheet
  4. Ok so basiclly, if we get more pairs of teams i'll make a tree branch kinda thing (idk the proper name for the kinda sheet) @Bailey @Luigi If you're going to bring a team tell em to join the discord link, it never expires.
  5. Hello Me and the people over in SK/RT have been playing R6 lately and that got me thinking that i should hold a tournament with people from IG so here we are Here are the teams Blue Team This team includes the following Sully Flame Tree Galle Kazimir Vietname Vanilla (team leader) Wind Tom Craswell Sloppy More teams will be added [If we get more teams] I'm making this post to find some people to fill orange team. If enough people want to join the tournament i will make more teams you can make your own team but try and make sure you have a team to vs against You can n
  6. So are we going to have to re-apply if we have a app currently going?
  7. Neutral Leaning towards a plus 1 You're a good guy and trustworthy but your app needs more detail in it more in the scenarios section
  8. *Bump Added another example. Put everything into spoiler tag things Also the reason i haven't been making much pac examples (outside of the vanilla one) is cause i'm trying to balance irl stuff, getting the minecraft town back to it's former glory and SK/RT
  9. IF ONLY YOU GUYS WHERE ACTUALLY ON [Then i can start making a profit} also pay your taxes
  10. O7 It was great working under you when i first joined SK/RT and becoming a higher rank then you when you came back, you where one of many people who showed me a great first time within SK/RT and and of the many reasons i didn't just quit instantly (mainly due to how hetic the brig would get when i was on my own) i wish you best on your future and anything else you have planned in the future and i hope to see you back in SK/RT and the sever at some point. It was great calling you a minge, will miss ya mate. thanks for showing me a great time
  11. Le epic dab, serisouly i love these photos of our town
  12. +1 nice guys, trustworthy, will be a great support member
  13. Ash

    Goodbye Misahu

    O7 he'll be missed
  14. Sad to see ya leave, you where always a good mod to do admin sits with and a great guy in genral, will miss ya
  15. If you want me to make a pac i could do it, just pm me
  16. Hi it's your friendly neighbor hood riot trooper/detective here! back at it again with a post. I'm here to tell you i'm open to teaching people the basics of pac3, I'm only accepting 3 people currently cause i'd like other people to experience the joys of pac3. [PM me if interested] Also i'm open to making pacs if people want, just pm with your regiments loadout and i might need to ask you for the weapon find but don't except the kinda of god levels of pac as hammer, scheff or tank. Also there are some regiments i don't have access to the player models in single player and these are. Medics,
  17. extremely great trooper and i'm happy to have him in the reg. now GET BACK TO WORK BEFORE I GET THE BELT (love you dude <3)
  18. Steam Details Steam Name: Flame3025 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:75707165 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Flame3025/ In Game Details In Game Name: 63-RTO Ash.B [TRD-01] In Game Rank: Major In Game Regiment: Shock CO, Snipers unit Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: I've only become interested in pac about a month ago but I've learned so much thanks to Tank, Snoozy, Hammer and Scheff and will continue to do so making pacs for people (ps if you want a pac done hit m
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