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  1. +1 this idea or make new charcters the could be apart of sever lore and could act like a lore charcter where this charcter its self stays the same but not the person playing them
  2. *BUMP* Added a couple more examples
  3. @Crunchy @pinejack send me a message on how you're confused and i'll help you understand
  4. Hi everyone. Ash here and i am here to present THE ULTIMATE RACE. What is this race you ask? well let me tell you little jimmy. It is a set of races that will test your skills and driving capabilities in different setting and areas. And there is a prize, for each person that joins the four teams that are explained in the doc the prize pool will be increased by 1000 credits which will come out of every losing member. the prize pool will go to the teams captain who will be chosen by me and they will divided the credits among his team There will be 4 teams You can contact me on anything i
  5. glad you're deciding to finally join the community and rp 200% seriously
  6. So after MONTHS of "working on it" i have finally finished ash and flames backstorys. i would like to thank @Matrix for helping me with this Warning: This backstory does contain depictions of gore and domestic abuse. If these things make you upset then do not read it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hzMS4a5geTm0mSAsm8pH1sNXfrhWBzGJAumSIwHUq2E/edit?usp=sharing
  7. It was fun serving under you mate. now i can command SK/RT with you
  8. Boy that is the most powerful weapon in SK/RTs loadout outside of store brought weapons
  9. *BUMP* Added: More examples Updated: Play time Name
  10. Hello everyone! it has come to my attention that i have way to much free time on my hands due to me taking a break from school due to irl reason and i need something to fill in this free time i have so i'm deciding to make pacs again. So if you are either stuck with a pac, want a pac made, something is broken with the pac or you're interested in learning pac i am able to help. So just drop me a pm on the forms or just get into contact with me in general
  11. @Delta You should join shock as we're always willing to accept new recruits (if you fit pass try-outs that is) as we often have to do some heavy rp (mostly arguing with isb) and you get a reg that will always try to have fun
  12. @TomCos @Wombatiacus @Sully @Jol @Billybob1061 @Delta A reminder to enter you need to add me on steam at [IG]Flame3025 @Kamelieon You can still enter if you've got ten arrestes its just a matter of if you win then it will be checked and if you do someone else will be picked
  13. Hello everyone it's your friendly neighbor hood Riot Trooper Flame here with a giveaway for Deathgarden BLOODHARVEST on steam. The rules are simple: IMPORTANT NOTE anyone can enter but it's just a matter if you meet the requirements for it if you win, you meet have under 5 warns, have no more then 10 arrests on record (current and past Bounty hunters excluded), If you start to say abusive things to me about losing you will be banned from anymore giveaways i do and you will be reported to staff, If you try to pull sever/rp rank you will be banned from giveaways and reported to the right pe
  14. i'm bi lol and welcome back to the community
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