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  1. On the epic games store there are currently 3 games you can get for free
    World war z, Figment and Tormentor x Punisher
    Each week new free games become available to get so i recommend keep an eye on the epic games store

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  2. Ew gross no, As someone who has been in shock for multiple years waiting for that elevator could mean the difference between catchin the suspect instaily or going on a 10 minute search, This is a dumb rule where the energy that was used to implant this rule could be used elsewhere

  3. Damn you really got me depressed out here, ngl when i heard  your graphics card went all doo doo i was upset cause it happened right after galle got pk'd and i was so hyped to see you become a cl4 as my 2ic, you where a great friend and a great kid who i knew i could leave the regiment to if the day came to when i left. i hope to see you come back to SK/RT, you're always welcome here. (PS i'm still going to terriose you with spider gifs)

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