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  1. Might have to delete my goodbye post and return
  2. Hey guys, Long time member ash here saying that i'm leaving imperial gaming. these past few years have been amazing, made some of the best of friends on here and some of my favorite memories. I have made friends, some enemies and regrets. if I have hurt you in anyway shape or form wither it be my actions in character or out of character i am deeply sorry (you know who you are). If i where to mention every single person that impacted my time on this sever this list will go on forever but here are some of them @Wolffee Thanks for being such an amazing friend and an amazing officer to work wi
  3. You're a good friend and i will await for your return the community
  4. Man, the acting is on the levels of the room
  5. Name: Flame3025 This is kinda epic btw
  6. +1. Would love to see it back
  7. On the epic games store there are currently 3 games you can get for free World war z, Figment and Tormentor x Punisher Each week new free games become available to get so i recommend keep an eye on the epic games store
  8. Will miss you man, wish i had been there when you announced you where leaving so i could've given you one final salute. You where the best of army and army wouldn't of been as fun as it was, will miss you around the chimaera and IG. O7 you absolute legend, wish you the best
  9. Ew gross no, As someone who has been in shock for multiple years waiting for that elevator could mean the difference between catchin the suspect instaily or going on a 10 minute search, This is a dumb rule where the energy that was used to implant this rule could be used elsewhere
  10. Ash

    Misahu Snaps

    It hasn't even been a week and misahu has already snapped. smh
  11. +1 Absolute great lad and friend, very mature, active and will do well as an em
  12. Damn you really got me depressed out here, ngl when i heard your graphics card went all doo doo i was upset cause it happened right after galle got pk'd and i was so hyped to see you become a cl4 as my 2ic, you where a great friend and a great kid who i knew i could leave the regiment to if the day came to when i left. i hope to see you come back to SK/RT, you're always welcome here. (PS i'm still going to terriose you with spider gifs)
  13. +1. is active, mature, and very nice pacs (also why does everyone keep stealing my pauldrens?)
  14. +1. absolute good lad and good friend. active and mature plus he did well while he was mod last time
  15. I love how ISB think we're minges yet this is the sh*t that happens in the HQ
  17. Ash

    The empire strikes

    less then 24 hours
  18. Ash

    The empire strikes

    This entire thing was made in pac including the vehicles
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