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  1. Wow. I completely forgot that I joined the server way back when it first started. Good times... MERRY CHRIMLAS EVERYONE!
  2. buckhop6

    Epic annoucment

    Gratz my dude! Enjoy all the loveliness of my presence and have a great day.
  3. buckhop6

    Civilization Game Nights?

    Hey I'm always down to whoop some people in Civ.
  4. buckhop6

    Hey Losers!

    Thought i'd finally become active on the forums so here I am! In game you would know me as Buckhop from the RST. Come say hi, I can actually talk back to you now, and I'm a cool guy. That's literally all there is to my introduction so enjoy yourself! Be happy! AND HAVE A GOOD GODDAM DAY!