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  1. Yeah completely different skill set. I couldnt do sheetmetal to save my life. Spent 11yrs so far doing heavy steel. But I think we can both agree we are better than fitters ;P @Ghost4448
  2. A sheetmetal worker nice. Almost same as me. I just fab heavier steel
  3. Normal 996 duties dont cover that as they generally are already guarded by SK/RT. Ect. Also 996 don't do patrols. We didn't just want to invade other regiments duties and cause arguments of who does what. However its either been changed now or currently still going through changes of what 996's duties will be on the Battlestation.
  4. Sure no one has specific bunks theres like a big group bunks except 996 literally spawn at the trash compactor. We have nothing. Also level one im told will be IHC even if it states ISB for now. I know IHC, ISB and GOV all have small areas but the fact of the matter is 996th's role becomes null and void on the Battle Station if it wasn't to change. Don't get me wrong im sure things will change and 996 will be changed up to do something of significance im just making sure it happens by voicing current concerns.
  5. @Ramirez So 996 protocol states IHC must be guarded at all times. This past week I've found myself to be the only 996 on quite alot. I understand others hsve stuff to do and don't blame them for their absence. It means that I would have to stand all the way down on level 1 guarding an office. And being on level 1 and due to the fact theres only general offices it would make for extremely minimal RP and extremely minimal player contact. You honestly cant say thats fun. Also theres times that there is no generals on.
  6. I know it hasn't even been a day yet on the battle station but the whole of 996th not just myself are concerned on what there actually is for 996 to do. For starters there's no 996 bunks, IHC is to be on the first floor and will only consist of general offices which gives little to no RP for 996th since CO meetings cant be in IHC anymore and will instead be at the conference room. We have also found out that the handbook is actually incorrect and 996 aren't allowed to guard the grand general inside the NPCC (In the handbook the picture on page 9 clearly shows 2 996th guards by grand genera
  7. @S4Spooky I found Re:Zero absolute trash.
  8. @Delta Nichijou is AMAZING comedy if you havnt seen it. That one always comes off the top of my head for comedy. There are others in my list that have comedy aspects to them ill just have to dig through it
  9. @Vertex No thanks hah. I dislike anime with an absurd amount of episodes
  10. Greetings. Not sure if people were playing around or being serious on wanting a list of anime that I recommended to Wolf so decided to create this topic. I cant remember what anime ive recommended to Wolf other than Gate. However this is a link to my anime list. The completed section is always up to date, yet pay no attention to currently watching I don't update that unless something on that section has been completed. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/zandrint If you have a question on one of the completed ones im more than happy to assist.
  11. Squid

    Nexes Intro

    Welcome and bah 23 is young mate please dont make me feel older then I already am.
  12. @Gunjies its fine he just doesnt want to admit he is one yet.
  13. @Wolf Thats no secret haha.
  14. Ayyy. Scarn'on everyone. So I've been on the server just under a week now and in the amazing 996th regiment and have been active every afternoon so most likely people have seen me. Although im new to this server im no stranger to SWRP having played many moons ago back on Colossal Gaming's Clonewars server, to even running CG's first order RP server at one point. The main drive to get back into it was watching youtube videos and getting interested again and I knew wolf, moose and guskywalker back in my CG days and knew of this server so once I saw it was still going just had to join it.
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