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  1. First of all, this is a bump I waited 7 days

    also I would just like to point out that the people who gave me -1s do not know me very well or have spoken to me on a one-off occasion. I 

    I have edited this application numerous times to add more detail and yet people still give the -1. 

    This is just me wanting to make a note of this 

    Kind Regards, Noxu

  2. Hello, I am Noxu formally known as Vevo and I am wishing to get more well known. I am always down to have a chat with anyone who walks past as long I am not on duty. I am located in Sydney, NSW and am a high school student, I am 13. I enjoy singing, making graphics, acting and writing stories. I am a scout and am soon moving to venturers. I enjoy company. I came to this server with a hunger for roleplay as other game modes were no longer meeting my expectations. 

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    Steam Name: VevoX

    Age: 13


    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:174549149

    In Game Name and Rank: Noxu, Corporal Vaders Fist (was Noxu Workman , Engineering but recently changed)

    Time Played (Server Time): 6 Days

    Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): No

    Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): Yes

    Elemental Networks

    Phantom Networks

    Why are you applying to be an event master:

     I have been an event master on other servers and quite enjoyed the position. I loved expressing my creativity through these events and working on them. I would love to get back into being staff on servers once more and really would enjoy being an EM. I wish to contribute time and effort to something I can work on and be proud of. I wish to help and bring quality events and have at least 3 quality events ready to be used each week. I wish to entertain the player base. I like writing stories and this is a way that I could bring some of them to life and see how they would play out. I want to learn new skills and adjust to a new style of event making and wish to improve on the skills I already have. It looks like fun being an EM and I am prepared to put in the work and effort that comes with the position and upholding my in-character rank. I want to see people enjoy or not enjoy my events and see how I could improve on these events. This community has offered me a nice experience and fulfilled my craving for role play and I want to pay them back for this and I want to do for other players what the EMs have done for me, offered me nice events that I can enjoy.


    What can you bring to the event master team:

    I have a good understanding of dupe building for events as I am in engineers. I have done a lot of these tasks before and I know how to Write, Prepare and maintain an event by myself. I am familiar to ULX and I have a creative mind that I am constantly having ideas for events. I am a fast learner and I will always try my best. I have a decent knowledge of acting and can keep character in most situations. I can bring a good attitude that shows I am ready to work hard and write events along with creative ideas for well-organised events. I will bring a mood where I am ready to learn, work hard and have fun all at once. I will bring the experience and ways from other servers and share them but also listen to my higher-ups and be open to new ways of writing events and putting them in action.


    What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative:

    I can have plot twists, new characters being introduced and much more. I want to make a goal for my events to be ones that people enjoy. I can bring challenges that are hard and carefully planning every aspect so it should hopefully play out as planned. I will spend time trying to find new sorts of events and a new style of how they could go. I can bring suspense and build-ups to what happens in the situation. I can recommend new player models and propacks that will benefit not just my events but events for other EMs in the future.


    Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: Yes, I am familiar with ULX from numerous Santos and starwars rp servers, However, the version of these were modified so I may not have a full understanding but I am a fast learner. I know !bring, !spawn, !goto, !gag, !return etc.


    Anything else you would like to add: No


    Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible

    Event Idea 1:

    Cyber Soldier

    The Idea of this event is that an army boards the ship that is far more advanced than us. What one sees they all see, what one hears they hear.


    How this would work

    We would select about 10-15 players to a part of this army they would all be in some form of channel and be able to talk to each other even if they die they can still say what happened and where they are, The idea is that once they die they go to a Cyber Oasis where they live out the rest of time. The only way to stop them is to destroy the CPU that runs the system and all of the soldiers would be killed. Each soldier would be allowed to respawn twice and would have 1500 health as we need to make then hard to beat.


    The objective of the army:

    They are trying to destroy all who are not members. If someone is captured they have 2 options join them or die. They want to also take over the Star Destroyer and use it to host their Cyber Oasis.


    Stand out characters

    Commander Venus - He was an AI designed to make life better for all beings however he went rogue and instead of making life better he decided to remove all pain by making the Cyber Oasis. He ordered the death of all who refused to join him. He does this as his core command is to make life better so he decided to elminate all pain. Those who refuse for their pain to be eliminated he attempts to kill them.


    Kyro - A man we managed to save from the AI and gave us all of the information to destroy the AI and how to do it as he knew all, he had seen it all whilst in the Cyber Oasis.


    Vital - Someone who we thought we had taken back from the AIs control but we had not and was actually a spy for them and was feeding them information of where we were, what we were trying to do etc.


    How it ends: Someone finds the main CPU and takes it to ISB after all the enemy soldiers have been killed at debrief the CPU is attached to a bomb and destroyed once and for all.



    Event Idea 2:

    Virus - 403-h

    Vehicle: Prop Escape pods for evacuation of empire personnel

    Weapons: Fists/NPCs

    Original Zombie Player Model: HL2 Zombies

    Map: On Ship Event then travelling down to Illum


    How it will work: To begin 7 event characters will go to the medbay, 6 of them will act in extreme pain and really ill until 6 of them have a kill bind ready to die. The last one a cloaked EM will change is player model to a zombie and the now mutant will attack the medic trooper. After this NPC zombies and mutants will be spawned around the ship and a naval officer will change to defcon 3. Troopers will be ordered to fight them off. When they realise all hope is lost we will tell navy to activate defcon 1 and tell everyone to forward to tie bays where we will spawn in escape pods. We will be in the orbit of IIlum and the pods will fall down there. After the Grand General will give the order to have the Star Destroyer radiated and we comms in for another star destroyer to be delivered so we can board it. We will go up in dropships.



    A contaminated meteor enters main hanger 2 after the Star Destroyer flies through a nearby meteor belt once Medic troopers do an analysis they order the area in quarantine. Little did they know the pathogen was already in the vents. People started being put in medbay for a condition never seen before. 7 different outcomes were recorded 6 ended in death. The last one, however, turned the host into a mutant this was reported to IHC.



    More cases come in. The one mutant became aggressive and an invasion of them begun. The virus had been in the vents as a hive and make more of its mutants to invade the star destroyer. Defcon 3 is initiated as the many mutants starting killing and are aggressive to anyone they see.

    This continues.



    Defcon 1 is ordered as there is no way to defeat them so everyone rushes into life pods, dropships and any way to get off the ship. Their destination is Illum once everyone is off they use the reactor to spread radiation through the ship and kill any mutants or hives left. The Imperial Army sets up camp on Illum and waits for a star destroyer to be piloted their way that is a copy of their old one as the old one is now gone for good.

  4. Hey i would like to thank everyone for their feed back i would like for an event manager or someone who can place this on hold as i need to find the time to fix.

    However the people who said -1 who are you

    That is no really a -1 you just dont know me just because you dont know does not mean im any less capable


    I will fix this application as i only had like 5 minutes tonput it together

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