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  1. For everyone living anywhere in the state of NSW please read this! For everyone currently in NSW a very large portion of NSW (Mainly Sydney and surrounding areas) as of 12th of November will be ranked as "Catastrophic" fire danger (That is as bad it gets). A very large amount of schools , tafes and universities are going to be closed today (Tuesday November 12th). A state wide state of emergency has been declared by the Premier of NSW. to see if you yours is closed please go to this link here - https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/school-safety/ RFS Page to check your l
  2. Vevo

    I am back.

    I know this is like 3 weeks overdue but let me have this. I left and took about a 3 month break from Imperial Gaming, I have returned and you can now see me as R2-S6 in game. Others know me as Noxu anyway I am back and just wanted to say hi 3 weeks late. For those who don't remember me I spent most my time in engineers and medics and I was also the Range CO and JT CO for a bit. If you see me around feel free to come say Hello back to me. I currently have the intention to remain in my current position for a fun RP experience. If you are nice to me I will be nice to you!
  3. me when talking to welshy
  4. Goodbye you will be missed
  5. Vevo


    Goodbye Jesis, I enjoyed talking to you whilst you were here. In the short time I knew you I enjoyed it. Good luck to where ever your going
  6. Hello, I am Noxu formally known as Vevo and I am wishing to get more well known. I am always down to have a chat with anyone who walks past as long I am not on duty. I am located in Sydney, NSW and am a high school student, I am 13. I enjoy singing, making graphics, acting and writing stories. I am a scout and am soon moving to venturers. I enjoy company. I came to this server with a hunger for roleplay as other game modes were no longer meeting my expectations.
  7. @Butcher232 it is due to my mic only records mono and you are on stereo find a way to switch to mono and it should work
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