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  1. For everyone living anywhere in the state of NSW please read this! For everyone currently in NSW a very large portion of NSW (Mainly Sydney and surrounding areas) as of 12th of November will be ranked as "Catastrophic" fire danger (That is as bad it gets). A very large amount of schools , tafes and universities are going to be closed today (Tuesday November 12th). A state wide state of emergency has been declared by the Premier of NSW. to see if you yours is closed please go to this link here - https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/school-safety/ RFS Page to check your l
  2. Vevo

    I am back.

    I know this is like 3 weeks overdue but let me have this. I left and took about a 3 month break from Imperial Gaming, I have returned and you can now see me as R2-S6 in game. Others know me as Noxu anyway I am back and just wanted to say hi 3 weeks late. For those who don't remember me I spent most my time in engineers and medics and I was also the Range CO and JT CO for a bit. If you see me around feel free to come say Hello back to me. I currently have the intention to remain in my current position for a fun RP experience. If you are nice to me I will be nice to you!
  3. me when talking to welshy
  4. Goodbye you will be missed
  5. +1 a great guy I would love to see him on the EM team
  6. Vevo


    the acclamtor map I have played on and it is amazing and I personally really enjoy it. However the current Venator map is much better
  7. +1 Very mature and capable I would really love to see this guy on the team
  8. -1 As I have seen recently you have shown immaturity and were mic spamming as the Dio droid.
  9. +1 I have heard great things about you and believe you would make a great addition to the team. Id like to see you on the team - Junior Event Master Noxu
  10. +1 You have values that a great EM will always need. Such as taking criticism and acting on it and I see you have done that well here. Great Job!
  11. +1 you seem to be very interested in joining and you have nice event ideas
  12. Neutral I dont know you
  13. +1 Yav is an overall hard working friendly person and I believe he would make a great Trial mod.
  14. Neutral Although you are a nice person and a great roleplayer. your events do sound a bit boring. Spice things up a bit and think of something that the player would enjoy.
  15. +1 Korr is nice and is a great roleplayer he is creative and has many good ideas.
  16. Neutral Towards +1 You have planned your events with the items and characters well. You made many alternate endings for the first event which will be useful however events rarely go to plan which will make that pointless. more of a storyline would be required.
  17. Neutral I don't know you but some more detail in your events such as Playermodel, characters etc.
  18. -1 Based on your warns I can not imagine you being a good roleplayer
  19. +1 Snow is a nice and caring person, He is mature and would fit the role very well as an EM. He helps people without even needing to be asked and is a great example of most of the requirements of the staff team.
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