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  1. I won't be allowed to say my predictions.
  2. 3 minute trailer... 30 seconds of the actual ship... Sounds like typical car ads to me.
  3. I'd tell ya to come back to the Media Team... but we disbanded. I'd tell ya to join the Designing Team... but we don't have much work anymore. But welcome back ya goose!
  4. They want $322,898 for a fan film? good meme
  5. *keeps quiet about us being inactive for months* EDIT: this comment didnt age well 0.o
  6. You definitely made my time as Pilot CO the most enjoyable I've ever had in an RP server. Truly the best pilot in the sky
  7. When did I become a modeler
  8. In regards to specific claims towards myself: Stalking - If anything this was an RP situation. However, considering you mentioned nothing about it to anyone (apart from those in your call), you can't make this an actual claim against me or anyone for that matter as it was not addressed nor did you show any real bother or care towards it. 'Sexual harassment' - Honestly this just made me laugh when I read it to myself. I'm assuming the only scene you are referring to is at 1:36 of the video titled "oh Kurt S". Context is key when it comes to any scenario, which is why I find it odd
  9. APPLICATION DENIED ------------------------------------------- Feel free to reapply in 2 weeks.
  10. Get your chance to be appointed as the personal secretary for The Mayor. ---------------------------------- PERKS: - Weekly salary of $1000 - $5000 (depending on work quality) - Free gun - Law security - Life insurance - Retirement fund TEMPLATE: Name: Age: Why are you best for the job?: ---------------------------------- Message me your application to get reviewed.
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