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  1. What are you still doing here? Surely you have to be one of the oldest players around now.
  2. Hi all, long time no see. Here l present to you the long lost Magma Trooper trailer from all the way back from 2017 when theses were a thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8JBoy2FiLU Enjoy Kingsbury
  3. Make the Lothal Map that Myself Keta and gusky spent hours coming up with art for. I even have the texture for the lothal buildings which has been already made.
  4. There was a legend of a man called "Gamma" he was the server manager of this imperial server some said that his voice could kill you. Then his assistant killed him by using his voice against him, ironic really the thing he killed people with was used against him then he died himself from the thing he killed people with. Then his assistant Cody got to power and ruled the IG server with an iron fist making sure no one speaks out of turn and would never talk shit about him. That was the tragedy of Gamma the inactive.
  5. +1 I was in the same situation you were in hence why l transferred over. Active Member Good person Would make a great mod.
  6. What is your In-game name: Kingsbury Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:54009300 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BruceKingsbury/ Play time: 3 Weeks and 16 hours. Have you used PAC Before: Nope Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe l should be trusted with Pac because I've been apart of IG since the start of the year and I'm a dedicated and valuable member of the community. I have never gotten any warns before and well respected around the community. So this is why l believe l should be trusted with Pac3 Why do yo
  7. When the server hasn't been up for 1 year.
  8. Voting is now closed. The finial Votes are Regimental Trailers 10 votes Regimental Short Stories 17 Votes Storyline- 16 votes
  9. Also, voting will be closed on Tuesday.
  10. @cast Very well said, l couldn't agree more with the whole Trailer thing. They're more like scenes that just play over music, which is something we're avoiding since the Shock Trooper Trailer. If the Regimental Trailers do become the top vote(unlikely) They will become more imformative and more showing off what the group has and what their purpose is on the server.
  11. Oh no, that will be l have to make a new intro please no
  12. I like it. Pretty @Slick
  13. Hey guys, after getting feedback from the community from our latest reg trailer the deathtrooper trailer. I would like to know your opinions about theses 3 option. I will provide you guys with a quick summary of what theses will be about. The Regimental Trailers This one is pretty straight forward, we just make Trailers for the Regiments. Regimental Short Stories This will be more based on short stories about each regiment, providing a more creative and more production valve towards our videos. Each Video will be detailed individual stories for each reg
  14. Already had one just forgot to add it before l went to work
  15. Here is the deathtrooper trailer finally! Thanks to Cody for editing this wonderful trailer!
  16. Finally someone who knows what's happening around here #Exposelittle
  17. Kingsbury

    Little Exposed

    Today we learn the truth about Little For all who don't understand this a joke video Little did not sexually abuse anyone on the server. @ANiX
  18. I will only +1 if we add a option to roast little
  19. Kingsbury

    MT trailer

    Alter, if you do have a idea for the medical corps, please add me on steam and we can discuss what we can do. I am getting back into making the reg trailers once my uni break comes up in the next week.
  20. Kingsbury

    MT trailer

    By MT do you mean Magma Trooper or Medical Trooper?
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