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  1. We are happy to announce the release of the Team Speak 3 private channel package in the store. What does this give you ? : Your own private channel Who can use this ? : You can and anyone you give permission to enter the channel. Can Admins just join ? : No, Server managers, Developers, Trial - Mods, Mods & Server Admins can NOT just randomly join the channel everyone MUST ask your permission before entering (Unless a admin is required to be in the channel). How do i stop randoms from joining ?: Set a password to your channel and only give it to those you
  2. The dev team have decided this will not be added to the server. This thread is now locked.
  3. This is the second most autistic thing i have heard/seen today.. I think i would be able to speak for others when saying this post was a waste of time & will never happen.
  4. All Supporting evidence is to be submitted on here (Not including personal things such as IP's). This is a ban appeal if someone is banned they have the right to see all supporting evidence of the ban. Also the two phases " There was sufficient evidence at the time" & " supporting the theory " does not look good in the same sentence.
  5. No. It will be done here & this isn't enough evidence to ban someone, Finally don't post with mass text like this on a ban appeal
  6. Just comment to show this is still up!
  7. This isn't up to me. I am only a dev.
  8. This is a public section of the forum, Expect people to reply. People outside of the community cannot tell members when they can or cant post.
  9. WEBSITE CHANGE LOG - 19/03/2017 FIXES - Twitch page fixed - Only need to click once now to enter a stream. Steam login - Members who were having problems with this can now login using steam. Optimized website template for those with smaller screens - This will not affect large monitors. Arcade - Some people were unable to view the arcade. This has now been fixed. Fixed some group permissions (Do not submit tickets saying you can't edit your post this is set for a reason. we might change that however) CHANGES - Forum button added
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