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  1. Hey guys


    We are happy to announce that we are almost ready to release our new website application





    This is an application built & run for the sole purpose to create a social network built by gamers & for gamers, Your NEW second home for gaming.


    You won't see post like "I HATE MY LIFE" or "11:11 thinking of him <3". However you will see the lastet news in everything happening in the gaming world from new betas/releases to Gameplay videos ect ect.


    Features for this application are as followed:

    • User features: Live Chat messages, Group chats & Comments.
    • News Feed (Activities): displays posts posted by people you follows, videos shared, friends suggestions, trending users and much more.
    • Profile : Displays your public profile along with timeline, gallery, people you are connected with and much more.
    • Chats (Single and group chats): Live chat with people you know.Add or remove people to existing chats.Add covers, icons or description to your chats.
    • Auto posts : when you update your profile picture or profile cover.
    • Photos : upload images and have them displayed as a gallery.
    • Mentions (With/without notifications): mention a user along with notification as username! or just link profile using @username.
    • Hashtags : add reach to our posts using well know functionality the #hashtags.
    • Loves (like): love posts you like
    • Comments : give your attentions to posts by adding comments on photos and videos.
    • Trending users (Top 3) : Top 3 trending users on Feeds page which are based on their people reach from last month.
    • Trending hashtags : Shows list of trending hashtags each day on search and news feeds.
    • Trending photos (Unlimited) : Browse trending photos over network.Add filters to trends to narrow your view.
    • @username searchsearch photos using usernames.
    • Notifications (Ability to on/off real time) : Get notifications from people around the world when they interact with your profile.It also notify users about new posts which users missed in last session.
    • Privacy (Full featured) : Add privacy to your profile content, profile permissions and much more like profile picture and profile cover.
    • Report spam (Intelligent) : users, posts, and comments with ability to submit comments along with report.
    • Search : search users, #hashtags over network.
    • Profile search : search within your own profile for posts, photos, videos, followers and people you follows.
    • Filter notifications : unread, requests(Friend or chat member request), new followers.
    • Turn on/off notifications : notifications on new followers, comments, posts loves and much more
    • Multi-Language : multi language platform with one file translation




    Imperial Network - Built by gamers for gamers & your new second home!


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  2. Hello, Imperial Gaming!


    We have been working very hard on bringing out some new features for the server.

    This post will highlight two new features that have been added and implemented!



    The number 1 thing we like our players to experience is admin response times & making it easier for our users to contact & get the admins attention.

    Introducing our new request an admin feature

    You can do this by simply typing !help in chat and the following menu will pop up


    Once you have this menu up depending on your situation, For an example someone is being racist & Failing to RP simply click the offenders' name and select a reason if the reason you are reporting them for isn't already added simply use the text box below and click submit.

    If you are requesting an admin to have a trooper whitelisted into your regiment simply click Nobody and whitelisting this also applies for needing an admin to give you tools for tryouts again simply click nobody and click Tryout - tools as shown below



    Want to do it even faster?

    Simply type into chat depending on the situation

    !help playername reason


    !help nobody Need tools for tryout

    All admins on the server will have a pop up in the top right corner of the screen until someone claims the report/help request!

    No one should be using the @ chat to request a admins help or to report players anymore. If someone does this inform them of the new feature in place!



    Being a big community has its Pros & Cons, One of the Cons for this is we have a lot of rule breakers & minges join the server.

    We now have an entire section of our website to display our current bans publicly with information like who the admin was, who got banned & why they got banned.

    Players can also use this to view the ban they have been given and link them into their ban appeals.

    You can view the bans page here



    Currently, you are only leveling for a number in the very near future it will be for small HP boost & rewards will also go to pointshop2 when it is released!



    • Achievements - We will have our very own server achievements people can get from time spent on the server to rebels killed (npc's) to total damage dealt + 30-40 others.
    • pointshop - More information on this feature will be released in the near future!
    • Finally, due to issues we could not control we have not been able to show a game server listing page until recently we are now working on a fully functional game server listing page show stats from what map who is online and how many!


    We hope you enjoy the recent update! Until next time we will see you all around the star destroyer!



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  3. C2TOeqp.png


    Come join us for a fun game of CS:GO which will run for 1 map (roughly 30 minutes - 1.5 hours).

    This event is just for fun but is also very competitive and players will be playing to win!
    After the main event concludes, some players may stick around to play an extra map or so (but those games will not be monitored/recorded/etc).

    Make sure to join the Teamspeak server on the night so we can organize channels and give everybody proper instructions.

    Event Date and Time

    Date: 26, May 2017

    5PM Western Australia [AWST]
    6:30PM SA/NT [ACST]
    7PM NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, Tasmania [AEST]
    9PM Wellington [NZST]
    9:45PM Chatham Islands [CHAST]

    Server Information:

    • 128 tick 64 tick due to player count
    • Server IP released before event starts
    • Server will have a STEAM ID whitelist so people not on the pre-approved list will not be able to join

    • No spamming chat or mics, chats will be team only.
    • You must use your forum username and your forum username only during the event. If you wish to use another name, you must get it preapproved.
    • Do not harass anybody.
    • Do not impersonate anybody.
    • Do not invite other people to join, all Steam IDs not on the preapproved list will be autokicked.
    • There are to be absolutely no racist or extremely offensives names from anybody for the duration of the event. Breaking this rule will give you an instant 1-month ban from the forums, TS3, and servers with absolutely no exceptions or any warnings.




    Your steam ID is required to add you to the whitelist as well as to correctly assign your team group.
    Your current MM rank is used to balance teams which are finalized before the event begins.
    You may also mention one player you would like to have on your team and one player you would like to have as an enemy. We will consider these requests when making teams.

    Simply reply on this thread with you Steam Name, Steam ID &  MMR then also voice 1 player you would like on your team & one player you want to face.


    Trident - STEAM ID - CS: GO RANK




    Any questions feel free to ask me.


    Cheers Trident.


  4. On 28/04/2017 at 4:45 PM, NovaWubbz said:

    Anything else you would like to add: Feedback would be greatly appreciated




    lead to


    On 04/05/2017 at 11:31 AM, Gotaki said:

    Neutral - Decent application. Not good enough though.

    1. The amount of times people say they will help the server without providing details on how they will achieve that is overwhelming. EXPLAIN HOW YOU WILL HELP. You will get nowhere if you can't explain.

    2. I said this once and I will say it again. TELL US HOW YOU ARE GOING TO HELP!? There is absolutely no use just saying you will without providing evidence. It's utterly useless. You say you are "reasonably" active. HOW ACTIVE IS THAT? EXPLAIN! Another problem is this section is full of spelling errors. Would've been a good idea to proof read your application.

    3. Ok.

    4. All you need to do is put NO. Are you supposed to gain anything from this?

    5. So you are lying in this application? Having just an extra staff member isn't good enough. You have to be willing to help the server and it's player base as much as you can as a moderator.

    6. Here's some feedback for you.

    The rest of this is good enough to pass off as "decent". You are very lucky to be getting a neutral. I was feeling VERY generous for you today.



    leading to


    On 04/05/2017 at 3:41 PM, NovaWubbz said:

    Alright Gotaki maybe you have something against me for some reason and i don't understand why.

    I don't know why you said "EXPLAIN HOW YOU WILL HELP", if you read over the application properly you would have read my goals, those goals are the answer for how can I help.

    For the 4th question I just answered the question like it said and it would be better to go into detail with the question to help describe it and so your application wont be short and it will help it look better and well written. Also if you do have any warnings, kicks or bans it can be seen as a mingy, disrespectful or someone that is outright rude and mean. 

    For your 5th question, I don't know where you got "So you are lying in this application?" I am not lying in this application one bit and have answered all of the questions truthfully and tried not to leave anything out.

    And that last line, you seem like you are angry or don't like me for some reason, if it was because I handcuffed you in the event then you should just let it go and walk away from it, if you are still holding a grudge from something like that for this long then just let it go, we even had a talk about it later and I thought we sorted it out.



    finally leading to






  5. 1 minute ago, Appo said:

    He's currently an Event Master on the server. I believe his EM application hasn't been resolved (locked and moved) accordingly.

    Ahh right, Thank you however in the future let the people making the application make the reply.


    @Gotaki You wish to help the server by leaving the role we are struggling to hold numbers to become a Trial-Mod?

  6. From the second this post is published these new forum rules will be set in place!




    • Post 1+'s with reasons & -1's with reason (ONLY)

    [CAN NOT DO]

    • Lengthy post putting each and every answer under microscope  criticizing every single sentence or word they say (Simply say -1 be {INSERT REASON} )
    • Arguing - Members making the applications if you cannot take criticism you are not suitable to be a Trial-mod, You will be criticized for almost every decision you make ranging from minges right through to the high ranks, Get over it simply say "Thank you for your feedback I will take this into consideration" and take it on the chin and leave it at that.




    • Give supporting evidence if you were involved in the situation/s


    [CAN NOT DO]

    • You are no longer allowed to just post if you feel like it, If you were NOT involved in the situation they are being reported for you are not allowed to post.
    • Arguing - Just do not do it.... If you are reporting someone give the evidence you have, Tell us what happened & leave it at that, If you are being reported do not go on a raging post spam. If you have a defense and/or can explain your actions do it, We do not want to know the back story between the plaintiff & the defendant. If we need to we will ask into it.


    Anyone breaking these rules from now on will be given forum warnings and possible posting restrictions.





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