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  1. Hey guys We are happy to announce that we are almost ready to release our new website application IMPERIAL NETWORK This is an application built & run for the sole purpose to create a social network built by gamers & for gamers, Your NEW second home for gaming. You won't see post like "I HATE MY LIFE" or "11:11 thinking of him <3". However you will see the lastet news in everything happening in the gaming world from new betas/releases to Gameplay videos ect ect. Features for this application are as followed: User
  2. Hello, Imperial Gaming! We have been working very hard on bringing out some new features for the server. This post will highlight two new features that have been added and implemented! REQUESTING AN ADMIN FOR HELP The number 1 thing we like our players to experience is admin response times & making it easier for our users to contact & get the admins attention. Introducing our new request an admin feature You can do this by simply typing !help in chat and the following menu will pop up Once you have this menu up depending on your
  3. From the second this post is published these new forum rules will be set in place! APPLICATIONS [WHAT YOU CAN DO] Post 1+'s with reasons & -1's with reason (ONLY) [CAN NOT DO] Lengthy post putting each and every answer under microscope criticizing every single sentence or word they say (Simply say -1 be {INSERT REASON} ) Arguing - Members making the applications if you cannot take criticism you are not suitable to be a Trial-mod, You will be criticized for almost every decision you make ranging from minges right through to the high ranks, Get over
  4. CLOSED Next time provide evidence of the actual abuse.
  5. Hello, Imperial Gaming Community! I am writing this post to address some issues over the last 3 weeks. Even though some of these issues will still be current over the next couple hours while everything balances out, I am writing this post up to keep everyone informed. 1st Issue - Forums being brought down completely due to someone hacking our forums, This issue has been 100% resolved, fixed & back to normal. 2nd Issue - Dedicated server going down without notice or any post for 2-3 days, This issue was unfortunately out of our hands as this was an issue caused by
  6. YOU ARE NOT BANNED Ares can NOT decide who is banned from a regiment or any regiment in fact. Feel free to join any regiment you like (As long as you try out) and Ares if you have a problem with this and have something to say... Come question it to me and you will be destroyed. You have absolutely NO RIGHT telling someone they are banned from all guarding regiments .. Consider this a warning buddy... We will be talking about this when I see you next. This is now locked and closed...
  7. omg.. @Kitty King Im sorry i'll have our head dev look at why it didn't unban you.
  8. Video deleted. Use Youtube.
  9. Alright that looks cool & messy... But umm what does this have to do with Suggestions & Ideas ?
  10. Just lifted it. Sorry it took so long and i made sure you were not in the banlist
  11. omg. Sorry mate. We will fix this now -.- i forgot.
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