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  1. Hello Everyone, I am just writing this because i feel in my heart to encourage everyone to remember their priorities in life. Garry's mod and and other games are fun and all but it should only be seen as a hobby, in my opinion once it starts becoming a "chore" or more of a priority to you than life (School, IRL friends and relationships, Personal Commitments and health) then it is a problem. I let SWRP and other videos games take over my life and i got too committed to it, almost like an addiction and i 'lost myself' and it started affecting my IRL tasks and relationships, I've come to my revelation when it was too late where my GF dumped me (Good riddance though), and i was so far behind my University work and i wasn't looking after my physical health. Hence why i decided to Step down as Shock CO and limit my game time and im now making sure that im up to task with everything important in my life before i engage with my hobbies like gaming. My point is that i want everyone to make sure you're looking after yourself, make sure life comes first. School/Work, Relationships, Family & Friends, Mental & Physical health, and personal commitments should always come first before gaming, as much as it is enjoyable trust me. I am now 20 and i have decided to 'Grow up' and focus on me, and i encourage everyone to put themselves first. If you're struggling with something i promise you there will always be someone there for you, just reach out. -Cheers, Theo
  2. Taking credit some something i created wowwww
  3. When the Prisoner is in the Cell, the time starts.
  4. Thank you to everyone for being constructive in your criticism, be assured that all suggestions and complaints are taken seriously and will be considered for future SK/RT training and meetings. Please keep in mind that a bad experience with a individual shock/riot trooper does not necessarily represent the values and attitudes of the regiment as a whole, and any complaints regarding troopers who you feel behaved out of line should be directed to high ranking SK/RT personal for review.
  5. Very Active Committed and great trooper Gave examples of detailed PAC's which shows he knows the functions of the plugin. I believe he will continue to expand on his PAC3 knowledge and will create good PAC models +1
  6. +1 Shows great responsibility & maturity when needed.
  7. +1 Nice guy and good pacs
  8. +1 Taught me the basics of Pac. Very skilled
  9. Arkan is a very responsible and respected player Hard working and mature I think he would do extremely well as a Moderator. +1
  10. Aye welcome back buddy.
  11. I disagree with having a set time to when events should occur. I'd prefer events to occur at random times making it non-predictable, as a surprise. If the event times are randomised there will be a consistent number of players online instead of a massive jump to a full server when an event is about to occur, and then a massive drop of players when people know an event will not happen any time soon. However, there were some instances when an event would occur when the previous event barely ended an hour ago which I feel is a bit much. Perhaps it would be a good idea to occasionally make a poll "Event? [Yes] or [No]" before an event if one recently just ended (especially off-ship/Non-Passive events). I reckon 3-4 events in a day is sufficient. Also, I'd like to see a higher probability of the Empire losing. Would be good for RP.
  12. UPDATED, please have a look and comment your thoughts.
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