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  1. Theo

    Dirthi's long awaited Introduction

    can 100% confirm
  2. Theo

    Deathmist's T-Mod Application

    +1 Shows great responsibility & maturity when needed.
  3. Theo

    Kahn's TIER 1 Application

    +1 Nice guy and good pacs
  4. Theo

    Auzii's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    +1 Taught me the basics of Pac. Very skilled
  5. Theo


  6. Theo

    Arkan's Trial Moderator Application

    Arkan is a very responsible and respected player Hard working and mature I think he would do extremely well as a Moderator. +1
  7. Theo

    Max's Event Master Application

    +1 Goodluck.
  8. Theo


  9. Theo

    Back from the Dead

    Aye welcome back buddy.
  10. I disagree with having a set time to when events should occur. I'd prefer events to occur at random times making it non-predictable, as a surprise. If the event times are randomised there will be a consistent number of players online instead of a massive jump to a full server when an event is about to occur, and then a massive drop of players when people know an event will not happen any time soon. However, there were some instances when an event would occur when the previous event barely ended an hour ago which I feel is a bit much. Perhaps it would be a good idea to occasionally make a poll "Event? [Yes] or [No]" before an event if one recently just ended (especially off-ship/Non-Passive events). I reckon 3-4 events in a day is sufficient. Also, I'd like to see a higher probability of the Empire losing. Would be good for RP.