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Everything posted by Sterling

  1. Sterling

    So, Shore Troopers got detonators...

    It's the hard-knock life, for us.
  2. Sterling

    Gunjies Goodbye

    Wishing you the best in your future endeavors.
  3. Sterling

    IG - Passive Screenshots

    Spectacular. Well done, Brass!
  4. Sterling

    Boris K.

    More K. brothers inbound.
  5. Sterling

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 PTU & FPS Combat AI MIssion

    That intro song is catchy as hell!
  6. Sterling

    Imperial Order of Battle.

  7. Sterling

    IG dueling

    *Que Duel of Fates*
  8. Sterling

    Rook - A brief history.

    Very interesting, your character has much more depth to me now. Good work, Rook!
  9. Sterling

    ♜ Rook - T1 PAC Application ♜

    I will be Supporting this Application for the following reasons; Rook has maintained a great standard of maturity. He has made good alternative use of the PAC's I have sent him, and has shown that he is able to utilize PAC to a fair degree. The Application is detailed and structured well. I know that as a Marauder, PAC is something that is almost necessary to be taken seriously, so I am sure that Rook would be greatly benefited by the addition of PAC to his arsenal. Goodluck, Rook!
  10. Sterling

    Brass' Support Team Application

    I will be Supporting this Application for the following reasons; Brass has maintained a great standard of maturity. The Application is well-formatted and detailed. The Aforementioned maturity will surely assist Brass with his Support Team tasks. Brass had previously proven himself capable of assisting others in his Moderation Role, so I think that he is more than applicable for this position. Goodluck. Brass!
  11. Sterling


  12. Sterling


  13. Sterling

    Present for Navy.

    Amazing as always, Kahn.
  14. Sterling

    ?Tackxo's Tier 1 PAC3 Application?

  15. Sterling

    Morgan's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    I will be Supporting this Application for the following reasons; Morgan has maintained a great standard of maturity in my interactions with him. The PAC Examples are sufficient for a Tier 2 standard. The Application is sufficient and has both fair detail and is structured-well. The Aforementioned maturity and ability to use PAC, as demonstrated by the examples, will see that Morgan will not abuse Tier 2 Privileges. I believe that the addition of Tier 2 to Morgan's PAC abilities will only work to benefit everyone who interacts with him, as it will surely enhance Roleplay. Goodluck, Morgan!
  16. Sterling

    MY IG Funny Moments #1

    Keep up the good work, Crunchy!
  17. Sterling

    Adam's Farewell (well maybe)

    Have a good one, Adam!
  18. Sterling

    So i played csgo with...

    Let us know when this will be happening again, seems like alot of fun to spectate
  19. Sterling

    Can't connect to the IG Teamspeak

    This was happening to me the first day I joined, can't remember what I did to fix it, but I believe it is what Brass mentioned above; connect to as opposed to ts3.imperialgaming.net
  20. Sterling

    WhO iS BrIgAdIeR aLeX

    Damn brain broke can't figure this one out..
  21. Sterling

    Cody Facecam?

    Agreed ^^
  22. Sterling


  23. Sterling


    Welcome to the forums, Lucky! Enjoy your stay here.