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Everything posted by Huey

  1. A prone addon would be great to have. Would introduce so much more freedom.
  2. @Bibleman I got a slot ready for you in Shore if you want to join.
  3. @Puppy you took that permaban like a champ
  4. Huey

    Good Memories

    Not even the cw server was safe
  5. Knights of Zakuul and old Thrawn model, damn this is ancient.
  6. Bump - Updated Playtime - - Updated Formatting - - Added Some Detail -
  7. If you want a spot in Shore when you come back let me know, I'd be happy to have and train you.
  8. Bailey's American accent is
  9. I wish there was a google document which showed every commander of every regiment from the start of the server. I know it would be alot of effort but I think it would be really cool to see past COs in their positions. Anyway goodluck on this project.
  10. It's SantosRP I think. He makes mention of cops so..
  11. I wish well to my fellow Mud Brothers. The Sand and Mud shall unite in garrison.
  12. I will be leaving Positive Support for the following reasons: Active Mature Has been friendly and respectful in the interactions I have had with him The Application is detailed and properly formatted Goodluck with your application, I think you would do great work in the Staff Team. Regards, Sterling
  13. Add some Mayor rules. Every Mayor we've had either juices up taxes for profit or just teams with a gang and doesn't issue warrants.
  14. Huey

    Big Shootout

    What are you talking about Evidence against Alystair I guess and evidence against whoever was using their phys-gun to move a corpse, but certainly not evidence against myself.
  15. Huey

    Big Shootout

    nah dude listen I ask Alystair to heal me and he literally says "nah bro i can't that's combat healing" at 1:11 that's why i dropped Marlu so quickly, because I realised it would only take 1 bullet to kill me, so it was a him or me situation.
  16. Huey

    Big Shootout

    In the wise words of Hask: *it's all just fun and games, love u @Rickle @Vadrian @Bailey*
  17. We'll always getcha in the end. Watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when we come for you?
  18. Bro you guys got fragged in the bank robbery. Good waste of C4 ez klap.
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