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  1. We should have an IG Karaoke Night.
  2. I think most of the Imperial Military was male. It wouldn't make sense if we had everyone walking around as a Female ST/etc. Idk though.
  3. +1 Good PAC Examples and hasn't (to my knowledge), had any PAC Infractions.
  4. It's time. IT'S TIME TO COME HOME.
  5. That's what happens if you don't eat your vegetables.
  6. Eren

    yaboi's ban appeal

    This ban was so old that it's not even logged anymore. We don't know what the ban was, but I'm going to assume it won't happen again due to the immense time since the ban. +1
  7. Damn that sounds unfortunate. Goodluck Crunchy!
  8. Changing to a -1 After seeing the extent of the situation between you and Razzle, and why it resulted in a Community Ban from FG from Zach, I have lost all hope in you reforming yourself. Threatening to release someones personal information, ESPECIALLY when you ask for money in exchange for it is disgusting behaviour, Frosty. All relevant information has been passed on to MGMT. Really disappointing. Changing to a Neutral.
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