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  1. My 3rd fav. spiderverse 2 is gonna be straight 🔥🔥
  2. First time I met you was on the CW Server. Reason being because you had the spiderman into the spiderverse pfp. Miss clone wars good days.
  3. You can still do them, just make sure your tracks are covered
  4. Eren

    IG Awards Show

    All in good fun, but I appreciate the fact that you took that into account. Still, like Kris said I’d like to see uncut footage at one point. Good video.
  5. No need to beat a dead horse
  6. Eren

    IG Awards Show

    I wanted to see that ;(
  7. The amount of effort you've put into this outfit is incredible. Awesome work dude. Also I think I have the same keyboard as you.
  8. It's been a Year and a few weeks since I initially joined IG, and In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, I am finally departing from IG. This is mainly due to me not having the time to play Garry's Mod/SWRP consistently anymore as a result of University and Work. Furthermore it has grown quite stale and I can't seem to shake it off like I have in the past (SWRP that is, not IG). My main aim when I initially came to IG was to get a fresh-start and to make new friends. I feel I have accomplished that and I feel that my time here has not been wasted. I
  9. It's positive support from me.
  10. Pterro is just a bad pilot omegalul
  11. I think Gbans had something to do with the crashes when changing maps. Noy exactly sure though so don't quote me on that.
  12. Palps still manipulating people, even in death
  13. Hong Kong is going to get absolutely ruined lmao, and there's not much that can stop it.
  14. Emperor Palpatine banned vaping because of Anakin Skywalker and the injuries he sustained due to excessive vaping.
  15. It's fine if you take inspiration from other applications, but Stubzy's Mod Application has been pasted blatantly in part of this one. -1
  16. I don't trade or sell anything, so this scam will never work on me
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