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  1. Response as stated above. This application has been left up for just under a year now, this should've been looked over by now.
  2. Yeah were not just gonna skip over
  3. Couldn't have put it better myself. Neutral. Edit: After seeing the improvement of detail on this application I will be changing my response to a +1.
  4. Take us to this base instead of Naboo.
  5. I dislike the idea of RPG Elements in SWRP
  6. I'm not going to regurgitate what has already been said previously about the detail on the application, you get the idea, and often the detail on an app doesn't carry over into the actual performance of the individual. I've interacted with you since I've started playing on Imperial Gaming again, and you are one of the first people I met in the 62nd Shock Battalion. You're mature, and you've shown the capability to organise troopers under your SGT Command - this leads me to believe you'd be able to handle yourself as an Event Master. I have relied on you to complete ar
  7. That map looks really cool
  8. wallah funniest guy on the whole server also happy birthday corvo
  9. Spoilers: Also as for Disney, they're in my good books. The Clone Wars TV Show + some other cartoons like Ben 10 and like Teen Titans were LITERALLY my childhood. So I could not be more thankful that they're finally giving it the send-off it deserves.
  10. This is the best piece of content I’ve seen in a while
  11. Eren

    Coming back

    Pro Roleplayer 9000
  12. I KNOW f**k I miss when AC Games were actually good.
  13. Eren


    almost as much reg hopping as me welcome
  14. I been knowing this. Hyped af, especially since it's like 5 days after my birthday. Feb is gonna be a good month for shows/movies.
  15. Eren

    ISB Game Night

    Coordinated as ever I see.
  16. Sith just need to show their lightsaber. If they don’t then just do what you would for a trooper and AOS, ISB always follows up on people, regardless of what regiment they are in.
  17. Reality is often disappointing.
  18. I predict that we will see Grand General Tinky.
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