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  1. They did a great job. Too bad I don’t know who it was, I’ll never be able to thank them for their work.
  2. Basil and I worked on the 501st and Storm Commando ones, Rancor was coordinated by one of the other media team members.
  3. This reminds me, I'm pretty sure I have 2 of the old regimental trailers we worked on in the old media team. If anyone from the old media team wants them dm, or I might just post them or what was completed atleast.
  4. RST making a comeback confirmed
  5. Best Advertisement Manager I ever had Welcome back
  6. +1 I've known Sky since I first joined IG and although he's had his ups and downs I can see him doing well in a Moderating position. Goodluck.
  7. Agreed - Angus would make for a great Event Master.
  8. One of the best candidates for an Event Master position that I have seen in a while.
  9. thought you were gonna show a new pet or something
  10. the serial killer of SWRP Careers Seya Wombat, was nice to have you around.
  11. must have alzheimers IMG_0846.MP4
  12. Don't think notoriety is a major deal for PAC Applications - As Welly stated, I show positive support for this application also. +1
  13. He hasn't resigned yet, but I thought I'd post this pre-emptively. Also this isn't so much an Ode to Tonberry as much as it is to the role, since he's not actually departing from the server. O7 Director Kranuk
  14. This post is very wholesome. Always good to see people sharing with one another.
  15. Eren

    Tazers for BH

    If you train your gun on someone when they don't have theirs out, or are in a desperate position, Fear RP should be in effect. I doubt people actually follow this rule however, most would simply panic and begin firing or activate some /comms SOS or beacon. Your suggestion made in an attempt to remedy this would be unbalanced. Adding the taser to Bounty Hunters loadouts would make them far too overpowered. Bounty Hunters have incredible load outs and some of the strongest weapons on the server. To give them the taser is to give them the ability to effectively kidnap and disarm a
  16. Eren

    I'm Back?

    Welcome back I look forward to seeing you around. Also I unintentionally plagiarised your Imperial Awards thing at one point, don't worry though I have my Best of IG series to work on instead.
  17. Nice to see feedback being listened to.
  18. Take it easy. You were one of the good ones.
  19. how do i mute it and what is a chromium mixer
  20. Since when did the loading screen have music?
  21. Wolffee has shown tremendous dedication in the 62nd. He continually impresses me with his resourcefulness and has proven himself an invaluable member that can be relied upon in our day to day operations in Shock. I see him doing extremely well as a Moderator. His maturity and activity make him a prime candidate for this position. Good luck, friend. +1
  22. Response as stated above. This application has been left up for just under a year now, this should've been looked over by now.
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