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  1. Just the way I like it. Welcome to the bat family 🦇
  2. Greyback has been playing within the 62nd for over a month now, in this time his maturity and his performance have both been assessed. I'm happy to say that Greyback stands as one of the most mature and active Shock Troopers within my regiment. As for this application, I'd like to see what more you could bring to the table PAC3 wise - however, the current examples are pretty good on their own, and are creative. Finally your application has sufficient detail and you have met the minimum playtime to be able to apply for PAC3, which I know you have been wanting to do for s
  3. I didn't go into the actual folder, I did it from the main menu on Gmod where the "addons" tab is.
  4. The main weapons I use are the DC-17 Dualies & the DP Shotgun, however both are invisible for some reason. I've uninstalled the individual addon, and reinstalled to no avail - so after a while I ended up uninstalling all IG content, and reinstalled it all again. This did not fix the issue however as I just ended up in square 1. How it used to look: How they look now:
  5. Eren

    Flixs's SmoothCam

    Where was this addon when the Media Team was still a thing
  6. Eren

    NEOs Hello

    ? wat Welcome to back Imperial Gaming, I remember you from another server.
  7. Eren

    Free da homie 🙏🏼 

  8. Equip DP-21> Fire in general direction of enemy> ???> Profit>
  9. Didn’t interact with you much but I do remember seeing you around quite often. Farewell Bandages o7
  10. Welcome 🙏🏼
  11. +2 Reasons states above.
  12. this me when they took away my eobard thawne roleplay
  13. Applications is quite detailed, more importantly I’ve seen you around and know that you’re trustworthy. Although you couldn’t attach your University examples, it is understandable as my university has the same restrictions for work, and it is still made clear that you know what you’re talking about. +1
  14. Damn you're actually not bad at writing. Also, didn't the Xalrich surname start out as an inside joke between dirthi, you and me with 3 brothers or something? Maybe I'm remembering it wrong.
  15. Now this is some quality content.
  16. @Jones translate the developer jargon to english thanks.
  17. Eren

    What's poppin

    IG is more like a social hub to me then anything else. People always return to it in one way or another. Welcome back.
  18. Didn't interact with you much besides some demotion reports & arresting you that one time on the DS-01, but the impact you've made on military is definitely noteworthy - your influence cannot be understated. Goodbye & goodluck.
  19. Here if you ever need help.
  20. While I agree with this notion, there’s plenty of other lore & RP aspects of the server that are thrown out of the window for convenience or balance. Using the excuse of lore doesn’t really hold up when we do often discard it for balance on the server. Lore is only valuable so far until it begins to become an obstacle for the server and its player base. Climbswepping up/down the elevator, up until now, was one of those balances.
  21. Didn't know this came out until a few minutes ago since they made a steam announcement. The graphics look incredible - thought I'd share.
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