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  1. Neutral I haven't interacted with you before, so I can't really comment on your applicability. Will update my response in a few days when I've seen you on the server though. Goodluck.
  2. Eren

    Shock's Punishment

    The true trap of the Inquisitors:
  3. Eren

    Shock's Punishment

    bro the emperor kept on saying something about “sith”, what’s up with that though 🤔 💭
  4. Eren

    Shock's Punishment

    Prodigy, but he died right afterwards
  5. Eren

    Shock's Punishment

    das crazy but i don’t know what word you’re talking about, did you hear the wii music i put in though
  6. Eren

    Shock's Punishment

    The 62nd Shock Division was punished by Emperor Palpatine for the murder of Bob. Here's what happened.
  7. Remember you from EG 1.0, good to see you around + I like those dermas
  8. Application is detailed & I know Marlu won't abuse PAC3 on the server - But I can't help but feel that these examples are a little bland, I like the red highlights, but I've seen Alec use that previously in DT. Nonetheless I will +1 this application, solely based off of the fact that you have helped other people create/work on their PACs. That to me is the most important aspect for assessing whether a person deserves PAC or not. Goodluck.
  9. Eren

    we miss you

    This vendor brought back memories
  10. Feel like there's been alot of GIs lately, no ones stuck around as long as John did. Goodluck to whomever applies.
  11. Welcome to IG
  12. Neutral I haven't really seen you around. Will update once I have interacted with you. Changing to a +1
  13. Razzle is one of the folks who taught me how to use PAC when I first started playing on SWRP. Since then he's obviously gotten better & it shows in this application. Easy +1
  14. In an ideal server the way it would look is something like this: Troopers & ECs taking cover and engaging in a cover-based shootout, however most of the time it just turns into both sides running into eachother and ECs eventually being taken down through sheer numbers. It would look alot cooler if people did shootouts in cover, but then again, that doesn't translate well into Gmod - strafing and quick movements are the way to go to win gunfights most of the time.
  15. Thought this was about the 62nd, although I am not dissapointed.
  16. Wasn’t there but I guess it was the golden age. Too bad it didn’t last
  17. Wouldn't call of all them legends but def some friendly folks among them. It's like that now, but don't forget that at one point it was this community that was on the brink of extinction as well as a result of one of those sequels. Many of these communities were shutdown far before they lost their playerbase, and it definitely had nothing to do with the people in the video. Let's not poke fun at other dead/dwindling communities that are on the decline, I think we're better than that here at IG.
  18. Funniest shit I've ever seen, 2nd only to Pickle Rick.
  19. 2nd easiest +1 I’ve ever given.
  20. Eren

    Horus Court Case

    What’s the 1st? Court cases can be really entertaining, it’s a matter of organisation. I think there should be abit of work out into certain elements of courts; like limiting objections, allowing surprise witnesses, etc.
  21. I remember when I first joined IG and had lua panic issues - the Support Team were the ones who helped me fix that issue. I'll always rep you boys for your help 🙏
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