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  1. I could incorporate this into an event of some kind where you encounter either the Master physically or perhaps as a Force Ghost of some kind.
  2. This game has come a long way, it looks so different from the initial criticisms it received when it launched. Might check this out.
  3. People need to stop leaving. I am running out of tissues.
  4. Damn well this sucks. I wish you well in your future endeavours, I always thought highly of you Chopz.
  5. Eren

    Purple and black

    Go to options and go to 'other' and turn it to 'allow all custom server files'.
  6. I believe this would be something that would have to be agreed upon by everyone who goes up on there and would thus be an OOC formality. Ask Cecil about brining this back because it sounds awesome.
  7. I know Austro was the one to herd sheep into following his sh*tty example, but you need to take responsibility for your own actions. More than this you also have had multiple violations. I like you Frosty but I don't you're ready to be unbanned just yet. -1
  8. Eren


    what's that game about Edit: I just searched it up, Ana wtf
  9. Eren

    The Isle

    UPDATE: I got 1 v 5ed by Dilos as an adult rex because the other adult logged out and I am now very salty and upset.
  10. Amazing. I can't wait to be back on the Deathstar, even though some people aren't fond of the map, I've always liked it. Now that it's been re-worked I am sure we won't have the same problems we did on the 1.0 Map.
  11. Eren

    The Isle

    So essentially I started playing this game after being reccomended it and I really like it so I thought I'd share this clip that happened the other day. To explain, me and the 2 adult Trikes I was with got surrounded in a little waterfall. Normally they would be fine but I was with them and I was a Juvie/Baby so those carnis surrounding us could easily kill me. What ensued before this was an intense 20m standoff, which ended when another big dino came and ate the predators that were surrounding us, and we fled in the chaos I would recommend this game to people who want a
  12. A Gungan royal guard. Now I've seen everything.
  13. Nice vocals Cecil, very impressive!!
  14. Eren

    Graybones' Ban Appeal

    If I'm not mistaken, I think Revan back then would've been Ridge? *Moose* - Not too sure, either way this ban is really old. Despite the fact that your application is rather vague I'll still be supporting your unban solely due to the time period of 2 years and because you at-least made the effort to try to get unbanned. +1 for unban and 3 month probationary period as usual.
  15. New PAC3 Creation for when I leave Kallus. Pantorian insignias on his face and a hologram that he can pull out to do some RP with I guess.
  16. Mammmmeeee. Highest rank in existence.
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