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  1. Came here after leaving another community.
  2. We were speaking about this exact topic two days ago with Pubs. After you learn how a server functions, how people work and how the roleplay fits together you lose that initial curiosity and willpower to try the best you can at everything. I remember my first days with NovaWubbz as Captain Rex were the days when I took SWRP the most serious. After I became Rex however that feeling wasn't there, and the initial curiosity from being new to the SWRP Scene soon turned into familiarity. That feeling of innocence was lost early on. Really wish I still had it
  3. My first time on IG was in late 2018. I didn't know anyone and the first regiment I joined was 224th. We had Whitey/Rigby as our CO and Rickle as the 2IC. Favourite memory was probably the insane amount of time I spent with Neil and Ana (my 224th comrades) guarding the trash compactor and trapping people inside. Besides that, when I returned to IG in February of 2019 my second day on the server was me being beaten to death by DT because Gusky had been hiding on the bridge and said that I was making too much noise for the spirits they were hiding from.
  4. Can't wait for Snoke to come back and reveal himself as Darth Jar Jar Darth Plagueis
  5. Congrats dude. Maybe you should make a montage like Mord did and compile all your screenshots from over the year into a single video? Just food for thought.
  6. my daughter @Lekilloo didn't wish my a happy fathers day, this is so sad guys.
  7. Neutral leaning towards a +1 Just work on your event ideas, that is the most impactful part of an Event Master application.
  8. +1 Camaro is perhaps one of the best suited Staff Members on IG to join the Support Team. I do believe Camaro will be extremely helpful as a Support Member.
  9. Hope to see you around on the server.
  10. Eren


    Seya dave. Safe travels.
  11. Yeah all DT should have access to the blaster pistol, it's their standard issue secondary.
  12. Didn't know you that well, but I wish you goodluck in your future endeavours.
  13. Reminds me of the Jedi Temple Guard double sabers.
  14. Hopefully it explains how he is able to see through his hat
  15. Eren

    Ellery's Ban Appeal

    DDOS is one of those things that you just don't threaten people with. Speaking on our prior history from other servers, you've always been someone I liked and I know how badly you've been wanting to get back into IG. Your appeal is decent and your apology does seem sincere, and I would know since you have been asking to get back into IG for some time now. +1 to this Ban Appeal and to a 3 Month Prohibition period. Despite DDOS threats being something VERY serious, I know you're not someone capable of doing something like that, and I also realise that you have w
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