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  1. Easiest +1 I've given in a while.
  2. Very nice Kristofer. Welcome to top 10 reasons for why Kristofer should receieve Assistant Bureau Chie~
  3. "Holotable", are we sure this isn't @Dirthi's story?
  4. Just eat clean and follow a weight lifting routine
  5. Eren

    Droppin' In

    Good choice. You won't regret it, trust me, I would know.
  6. I had completed 2 or 3 projects that were edited and ready for publishment, both of which I filmed with Basil. I'll ask Kurt in the coming days when I can release them.
  7. As I stated in my post, both members who disrespected the Imperial Security Bureau and its members were Staff Members. I won't be naming them however, as it is not the focus of this Staff Report. EDIT: @Splonter They are.
  8. He's Chief now, he was promoted a few weeks ago. As for the report, this is a stretch, especially when you take into consider the extreme hostilities that BOTH sides have shown each-other far before Kristofer wrote this message (in a chat which most ISB don't even have access to). I do not believe a Staff Member should be demoted based on them making a comment in a Private Discord Channel, albeit, in a disrespectful tone. I think that the situation revolving around CS and ISB has far surpassed this level of disrespect, and that far worse comments have been made, aside f
  9. One of my favourite scenes of all time. Love the movie 'Juice'.
  10. Adding another backstory to the ISB Database so we can use it to blackmail you later All jokes aside, it's a good read. Nice work.
  11. I feel that. It's why I keep external hard-drives handy, in case I need to make more room. @Lochie Also, IG Media Team has been disbanded lol, although some members are completing their own projects individually. Might also have the already complete trailers release, not too sure. ^ I put this to Dirthi not 2 minutes before Welshy announced the disillusionment of the Media Team
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