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  1. Yes. Robinson had his Facebook doxxed by Ben in addition to his immediate family and friends from what I was told. There were a few other private things that were leaked, also. Yes. His use of alt-accounts is not limited to IG. Script Kiddie, yes. Nah not really. On the launch of RG the server got around 100+ which we didn't think it would reach and as a result the server started to lag due to our ill-preparation. Ben at that point dm'ed me on Discord saying something like "I know how to fix the lag", we were screwing with him in the MGMT call when I responded "yeah mate how" but he was stupid enough to think we were being serious about getting help from a guy who's only well-known trait is him doxxing someone from another server 🤡. Anyway, he responded saying something like "It'll cost you." There wasn't really any extortion involved considering there was nothing to extort. We knew what the lag was a result of and our dev who was either Billeh or Hypo at the time fixed it in the next few days. Back to this appeal however: Honestly I've only ever spoken to Ben once and I barely even remember what he sounds like. I know he's apart of 'mingy team' or whatever those losers call themselves. All I know is that he's someone who can't be trusted due to the things mentioned above and someone who most definitely shouldn't be welcomed back into Imperial Gaming. -1
  2. Easiest +1 I've given in a while.
  3. Very nice Kristofer. Welcome to top 10 reasons for why Kristofer should receieve Assistant Bureau Chie~
  4. "Holotable", are we sure this isn't @Dirthi's story?
  5. Just eat clean and follow a weight lifting routine
  6. Eren

    Droppin' In

    Good choice. You won't regret it, trust me, I would know.
  7. That's about 10 days ago. Iwouldn't call that reformed. Regardless, I'm really still on the fence with you. On the one hand, you've put effort into this appeal and it seems genuine, and you certainly do want to be able to play on IG again. On the other hand, judging by your recent shenanigans on a now closed SWRP Server, it seems you haven't really reformed at all? Not to mention the countless previous encounters you've had on IG, EG, RG, and who knows how many other SWRP Servers by this point. The point is, your name is stained. It's hard to trust someone, especially when they've had the same amount of mishaps you've had. Leaving a Neutral. I'm big on second chances, but you're on your 4th or 5th chance now.
  8. I had completed 2 or 3 projects that were edited and ready for publishment, both of which I filmed with Basil. I'll ask Kurt in the coming days when I can release them.
  9. As I stated in my post, both members who disrespected the Imperial Security Bureau and its members were Staff Members. I won't be naming them however, as it is not the focus of this Staff Report. EDIT: @Splonter They are.
  10. He's Chief now, he was promoted a few weeks ago. As for the report, this is a stretch, especially when you take into consider the extreme hostilities that BOTH sides have shown each-other far before Kristofer wrote this message (in a chat which most ISB don't even have access to). I do not believe a Staff Member should be demoted based on them making a comment in a Private Discord Channel, albeit, in a disrespectful tone. I think that the situation revolving around CS and ISB has far surpassed this level of disrespect, and that far worse comments have been made, aside from Kristofers'. I know from experience in the Staff Sits we've gone into due to ISB v CS conflicts that both sides can say things that they tend to regret and things that may seem very hurtful to the opposing side. I won't name who, but in the sit we had with zaspan, a Staff Member did say something far worse than 'retard' to me, INFRONT of the Staff Member doing the sit (zaspan), they however were not demoted, and I do not expect them to be. I do not believe that someone should be demoted for expressing their opinion on a regiment (albeit), in a hurtful manner. They should certainly be spoken to, and asked to keep their opinions to themselves, if they cannot express the opinion in a less hurtful manner. I myself share these views that Kristofer has expressed, all that I see wrong with holding this opinion of Chimera Squad not being a regiment one is particularly fond of, would be for the said individual to hold these opinions to themselves or to express them in a more professional manner.
  11. One of my favourite scenes of all time. Love the movie 'Juice'.
  12. Adding another backstory to the ISB Database so we can use it to blackmail you later All jokes aside, it's a good read. Nice work.
  13. I feel that. It's why I keep external hard-drives handy, in case I need to make more room. @Lochie Also, IG Media Team has been disbanded lol, although some members are completing their own projects individually. Might also have the already complete trailers release, not too sure. ^ I put this to Dirthi not 2 minutes before Welshy announced the disillusionment of the Media Team
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