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  1. Leaving a Neutral Your application could use a little more detail, otherwise it seems well-formatted. The reason I am leaving a Neutral is solely due to the fact that I've never interacted with you before. If I can get a sense of how you are on the server and your level of maturity, I'll come back to this and update my response. Until then it's a Neutral as I can't really speak on my thoughts on you becoming a Mod. Goodluck!
  2. Vanilla makes some great addons!
  3. It's been quite some time since this ban. Solely based on the belief that you have changed since that time, and since the time your previous appeal was suspended for another 3 months for alting, I do believe you have *atleast* somewhat reformed yourself. Furthermore, I do believe that you would want to re-join the community after spending so much time away from it. I will be leaving a +1 for this ban appeal. Goodluck!
  4. Welcome to the Forums pal' You and me both eh
  5. Idea from @RexMaxwell, you could possibly give INFERNO Squad more slots. We have the models for it really, just need some job-code and you'd have more INFERNO Squad. It would be non-lore slots, as the crew of the Corvus weren't really INFERNO, but I mean there's plenty of non-lore on the server. Maybe I'm being biased towards ISB, maybe not. Regardless, this is just an alternative the suggestion made on this thread.
  6. That was my previous response to your last ban appeal at ~ Leaving it for reference. Here's my updated response: I gave a -1 to the last appeal you put up, Frosty, because I didn't think you had served a long-enough punishment for your previous offences in following Austro's example of raiding numerous IG Discords. After speaking with you extensively in the Team Speak, and learning why you want to return to the Imperial Gaming community, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat hesitant. I am going to be leaving a +1 solely due to the fact I do believe
  7. Highsinger was a complete badass in the CW Show. Definitely would like to see him around.
  8. Well it's already been said, but punishing people for being dedicated to their role isn't something that makes any sense.
  9. I don't think it's a particularly bad map, especially after the update -- But I'd prefer to be on other rotation maps more often rather than the DS.
  10. Looks great. You can write well.
  11. We had our moments but I still liked seeing you 'round. See you in the next one o7
  12. Same thoughts here. The one SCHEFF suggested looks really nice.
  13. Welcome Back I remember you had a cool cape as Grand Inquisitor and that you were the shortest Medic I've ever seen : )
  14. Yes, he forgave you quite a while ago. That's not the point. The point is you did it to someone you knew from a community once, so therefore, it is entirely plausible that you'd do the same thing again, this time to someone who is in the Imperial Gaming Community. Also adding this to the report, not sure about how authentic it is, however it does sound like what you tried to do on RG:
  15. I mean there's plenty of OG people who are now banned from IG or don't play here. Being here when the community was founded doesn't mean much if you're a 🤡
  16. Yes. Robinson had his Facebook doxxed by Ben in addition to his immediate family and friends from what I was told. There were a few other private things that were leaked, also. Yes. His use of alt-accounts is not limited to IG. Script Kiddie, yes. Nah not really. On the launch of RG the server got around 100+ which we didn't think it would reach and as a result the server started to lag due to our ill-preparation. Ben at that point dm'ed me on Discord saying something like "I know how to fix the lag", we were screwing with him in the MGMT call
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