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  1. The purpose of these clips is satire - Don't start an actual argument lol
  2. Taught me how to use basic PAC for the first time years ago +1
  3. His health pool is probably like 100hp
  4. Appreciate all the feedback. Nonetheless I'd like this to be closed as I am no longer playing on the server due to Moderating on a different game.
  5. The 2nd video is early gameplay footage from Jedi Fallen Order 2
  6. shock boys invading the forums
  7. Eren

    Binny Intro

    Binny is a future sk co
  8. Eren

    It's Time.

    quality content
  9. @Dirthi you and your medics are going to have a field day with this one.
  10. My Habibi is gone. Insallah you do good in your job bro, best of luck. o7
  11. I take all the credit for this idea. Never forget the Sea of Red
  12. It's not just English. Most languages have phrases or words that only make sense in that language, and can't really be directly translated to other languages.
  13. I wonder if it will have co-op like Unity did.
  14. I’ve known Atlas for longer then I can remember, I know he’ll take proactive steps in helping the team if he’s accepted. The application is pretty good and the examples are great. +1
  15. That Firefly emblem on the PS4 is a nice touch. +1
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