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  1. Name: PotLuckyMikey (Mike/Mikey/Rachel) Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/LuckyMikey Server Playtime: Around 2 and a Half Weeks Why do you want to receive a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?: I wish to win a copy of The Fallen Order because you know ever since I joined Imperial Gaming my love for Star Wars and everything associated it has emerged and this game seems right up my alley; I've always been a true lover of the Jedi and other Force Factions and this game really dives into my love for deep story, immersive story and the Jedi itself. I would've bought thi
  2. Yikers! Big error on my part should be fixed in a bit :)
  3. Good morning/Good afternoon; it is thy Mike... and I need your help! https://forms.gle/Xwczxpt8yiT1szxd8 For better context; I'm working on an assignment; and that's why I'm taking a hiatus from the community. However, I need some test subjects participants to fill out this quick two question survey about HOW FLOOD AWARE ARE YOU? If you can fill it out then that'll be much appriciated Thanks -Mike
  4. @Mongo Love ya bro @Bailey You too :) Love you Bailey @Luigi May the contest resume in the near future @Dirthi Yeah let’s hope I don’t die XD : Sayo Nara Dirthi ; 😀 @Camaro I’ll miss ya too! @Welly Thanks man; all to you as well @Tonberry And I thank you and the Bureau for the amount of fun I had on the sever @Rivers o7 @Kristofer I’ll be back!!! The return of Jesus Christ @Delta Thanks man! Good luck to you as well @Butcher232 @Wombatiacus Thanks! You keep safe as well @Kamelieon Thanks
  5. Hi, It's me.... Uh Mike So.... Let's begin my TED Talk; I love everyone on Imperial Gaming. However, like every good story it must end at some part so today... I'll be resigning from Imperial Gaming on this day. Rest assure I'll be back.... no, no I'll be back; However, some might not know who I am if any. @Kristofer I love you.... I remember you from back in the old Pantheon days and this makes the second time I abandoned you;Well peace! @TomCos Best mate; Love you, Number 1 Bloke @Wind Best Commandind officer!; One of the reasons why I even stayed in IG @Billybob1061 One
  6. THIS IS NOT A REAL REGIMENT In [REDACTED], Major General Fremont formed a covert task force. The leadership of the Task Force was comprised of members of the Stormtrooper Corps. Code Name: "The Fremont's Right Hand". In [REDACTED], as part of a seemingly routine staged operation, the Task Force removed several Highly-Classified Weapons and Plans from Imperial Armory B-3D and transported dozens of defecting Imperial Personnel to various safe locations. The Empire's Lie's and Plans have been exposed. Now the Empire has a new enemy now calling itself by a new name: "The 105th Chaos Le
  7. It's like showing pictures of my babies :)
  8. Hi, there it's your friendly neighbourhood Event Master Mike! Hi there guys, it's Mike here. Now y'all that were on Clone Wars would know who I am (at least I hope so) but I've realised that Imperial RP has changed so much (Where my Vader's Fist Bois at!) so I'm gonna make a reintroduction. So Hi I'm Mike, I work as a Event Master and I hope to provide you broken events events as well as a good time on the server Thanks for listening to my TED Speech -Mike
  9. Welcome; I don't want to sound like a therapist so I'll just say "Have fun!"
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