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  1. @Kippy I will still get to mess you up in HOI4 right? and where is the ARC photo
  2. +1 the ban was ages ago. He deserves another chance
  3. Matto

    Pampos Ban Appeal

    +1 You seem to Understand what you did wrong and has been well over a year now.
  4. Matto

    Ban Appeal

    Everyone Deserves a second chance and its been around 4 years so im going to +1 this
  5. -1 looking at the evidence provided I do not believe you should be let back into this community. This appears to be more then just a ''Weird toxic relationship''
  6. Matto

    HOI4 moments

    Ah yes good times
  7. Dam I remember when I was Wombats CO and now he is going good luck with year 12 mate
  8. This is some true creativity
  9. You will be remembered always knew how to have a good laugh.
  10. Matto


    Meh I guess he is alright jk pls don’t hurt me
  11. Matto


    Wintohs never Die
  12. Hey guys its me Matto im still here. I'm just no longer Matto .W but Del Meeko Instead I look forward to interacting with you all in my new role. Thanks Del Meeko
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