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  1. Steam Details Steam Name: Matto[IG] Steam ID: 0:0:139220101 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ cheese20081 In Game Details In Game Name: Matto In Game Rank: officer cadet In Game Regiment: Shadow troopers Time Played Imperial RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): Time Played Clone Wars RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): N.A If new to Imperial Gaming where are you coming from & why?  Basic Questions Do you understand there is no guarantee of this application being successful?: Yes Do you understand you will be subject to further testing beyond this application before even being considered for a role?: Yes Do you understand if you currently hold a CO role on Imperial RP and are successful you will be forfeiting that role?: Yes Do you understand that a high level of professionalism is expected from individuals applying?: Yes Why do you want to be a Commander on Clone Wars RP?:I would love to be a clone wars commander due to my enjoyment of the clone wars series and I would love the chance to be a leader and inspiration to the people under my command If I succeed in the role it will be a new and fun experience. If you are like me and enjoyed the clone wars my two favorite characters where ARC troopers Echo and fives I believe they bring something very special to the clone wars. they always had a way of inspiring and leading their men and always making the best of things and I would love to bring these same quality's to the clone wars server. What experience do you have?: I was the in command of chimarea squad twice and had around 4 men under my command and during my time I enjoyed it very much I loved the people and the regiment What sort of role and regiment do you wish to lead? (e.g. CO, 2IC, ARC, etc.)?: it has been a dream of mine to lead The ARC regiment ever since the first time I Saw them in in the defence of Kamino I was really inspired bye their leadership Bravery and courage and self sacrifice I think its a shame that in the clone wars the The ARC troopers don't get their own story So I would like to help them make one bye being one. Why do you want to join us on Clone Wars RP?: The clone wars server for would be a clean slate something new something for me to work on and work towards A new server is full of new opportunity's and new experiences I would love to have the chance to be a impact on the server to be a role model for all those new to the clone wars experience. we can all agree clone wars is the best and I would love the chance to make it even better then it already is. If new to Imperial Gaming, why do you believe you should be given this opportunity & what can you bring to the table from outside experience? : N.A Do you understand and accept that you will be heavily scrutinised by Management and the Community during this application process?: Yes
  2. IGN Matto Steam link http://steamcommunity.com/id/cheese20081
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