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  1. Look if no demotion or removal is put in place then this is corrupt, there is a long list of staff who deserve that position much more. and @LePaul You've hit the nail, spot on my dude. In my opinion the entire staff team needs to be restructured, some staff do not deserve their ranks while others deserve more responsibility.
  2. Wow @Qteks good work on the post, you've got some balls mate ! About time this was bought to light. But seriously as a high ranking staff member this is just unacceptable, when i was staff i witnessed very questionable things Ridge has done. And even worse Suna who isnt staff gets community banned for a picture, the community is quite corrupt and has been for a while and is the reason you will rarely see me around anymore.
  3. How did suna not win best staff member
  4. There has always been an issue in this community and i thought id bring it to light. Many user in the past have been typically judgmental to others or even myself for being 'inactive' at times, id just like to point out that some people have personal shit going on in their life and really cant 'play a game', and its even more disappointing as a staff member to be called 'inactive' when you dedicate your OWN time to create a better experience for the server. This wasn't directed entirely from my past experiences but others that i have noticed, just before you judge someone for being inacti
  5. Happy Birthday Banks hope you have a good day and don't get to drunk
  6. This post is out for a very special man of this community, who has put his heart and soul into the server making it how it is today. EVERYONE GIVE BANKS A WARM HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN THE COMMENTS. Thank you to Caboose, banks is sad because you didn't make one so I've been forced to
  7. As the original creator of this video, im dead. holy shit
  8. This is a way better alternative to the csay huge +1
  9. Yeah I've only ever used PM for OOC, like whats the need for RP PM's when there's voice chat for that and if a higher enough rank /comms Like if it's in RP I would have been PK'd many times and it's quite easy to forge a PM.
  10. I've always taken PMs as OOC
  11. bought to you by the king of shitposting
  12. I am no longer staff but i when i was i had warned crispin many times, and many chances were given by me and other staff members so you had your time to redeem but you chose not to. (remove if not allowed)
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