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  1. Splonter is Captain in the CW server, he also is good at building
  2. Damn, well at least *I hope* we wont have those blizzards that make it hard af to see... but hey, it is a snow planet, also a good map, good to see an update to it!
  3. nah, I think we should cancel me being able to grab a PL... I'll just accidentally kamikaze into hostile gunships XD
  5. Oh... I thought they just existed together, and were sub regs of eachother... god damnit
  6. To be honest I always thought of SK/RT as a sub reg of each other...
  7. This was the time maul attacked on tatooine in the universe map, a little bit afterwards (when tower was damaged RP wise) I saw a delta-7 take off
  8. oh... well then... its just I saw a delta-7 take off without perms a couple nights ago, and thought it was a jedi... so yeah... thats why I did that thing
  9. THIS INCLUDES ALL JEDI/RI Just like say like "Official RI/Jedi business" or something, not that hard
  10. Ok why do you sound like swaggersouls
  11. ummm how would that work with the Armour...?
  12. Wait....... you that 21st guy? JK welcome!
  13. Deploy the tactical downvotes!
  14. I mean could be one of those regs where the CO is the CO of 212th and its like a support/heavy type of thing... idk
  15. I mean, could have a carnage sub thingy that guards places won in battle IE checkpoints and shit... idk just giving my opinion
  16. I swear if this gets into the CW server Ima get RI on ur ass... also I see a owo in navy HQ ima hunt you down vanilla
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