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  1. I mean... kinda useless, kinda RP useful, idk really, just maybe used for yelling at people to have a shave
  2. Saying it’s retarded won’t help your case mate
  3. falsely accused and framed are pretty much the same thing... also saying you got framed and that he framed you are actually the same thing
  4. Sponsored by bandicam also you sound like swaggersouls
  5. Neutral Yeah, didnt notice the cant get pic thing... sorry, anyway neutral reasons stated above
  6. Tom: Can I have a space plane?
  7. This is why NZ is better then aussie XD
  8. oh... ummmmm /me looks at my stack of homework JK I have jack all caused my school in yr 11 is sweet
  9. If I said #clonewarssaved people would probably think I am meaning the server
  10. It just popped up in my youtube recommended Xd
  11. Pendragon

    Gregs Ban appeal

    -1 Evidance produced from Cody down below
  12. Well... I... should read before saying hype Xd still for for people who ain’t seen it yet HYPE
  13. Bailey... it is- actually... while I was making this comment I realized it actually kinda is like an Enderman... but then again endermen don't rip you into shreds for looking at your face... and can be killed...
  14. Bailey your Greek accent sounds south African
  15. We have had a lot of people with the same name (accident and not) and I have NEVER seen anything like that... 10-15 times... wow
  16. If admin chat is spammed with (name) IS EXPLOITING then that’s pretty solid proof
  17. I was online at the time, and it must have spammed... 10-15 times...? So yeah -1
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