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  1. *yikes* Im on the fence here, I have nothing against zaspan, but would like to hear what he has to say I agree with zaspan here, SG can KOS over AOS if they are: 1, guarding Sith Temple or 2: guarding vader this was a perfectly valid kill
  3. Tbh, I wouldn’t mind seeing this, maybe increase the supports hp as well? Like, +50? Cause medics are always targeted by ECs
  4. Oh for gods sake, are we doing this again? #foundershitpost
  5. I agree, climb swep should only be a factor if its a reg that uses it a lot, say a stealth reg like shadow and scar, or jump troopers when they run out of jetpack fuel, personally, I am *semi* trash at climb swep, and still landed up in CS (when I was in CS) anyway, thats what I think, climb swep should only be assessed if that reg uses climb swep like, every event or something like that. -Pendragon
  6. umm... is this a jojo reference?
  7. so... is this a regular thing now? doing a fact of the week?
  8. O7 you majestic man also gimme those chips I need the credits
  9. EDIT: Changing to neutral Leaning heavily to +1. If this was RP then you should not have been banned
  10. come at me (500 post milestone!)
  11. To be honest: I was actually thinking about doing this with a friend on a single player game, but hey, couldn't find a maul model, so yeah. also: to all the people who downvoted/angry face: sorry for the semi-shitpost
  12. this happens shoutouts to @Shepard for helping Note: this is not how I think about women, its just a meme, no offence meant in any way. 2019-02-27 17-07-46.mp4
  13. Had this in CS, tbh its not that big of a deal, but I had it when I was MSGT CS, and had it through most of my time in CS... so yeah, might have to deal with it for a while other then that: you have a decent scope... and can snipe people with that high damage weapon. so yeah. P.S: tbh when I had this issue, I loved the hell out of it, because well... the iron sights on the E-11D are unreliable at the best of times.
  14. they also used in pointshop (on CW anyway) (like, thermal det, I have enough points, but need 10k credits)
  15. I swear if someone sends me a free tf2 hat link they getting the unfreind hammer
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