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  1. Same as what this fine man said except instead of navy enslaved, 7th for the shovel thing.
  2. Anyone who is caught up in this or lives in christchurch, Stay safe, Stay indoors. Lest we forget
  3. Looks really good! I like the ideas and the DOC so far
  4. TACTICAL UPVOTE Seriously though I thought this was a in rp thing, the wintoh and ENG peeps hating eachother so they just started a war XD
  5. /me looks at the price of VR headsets nope
  6. Pendragon

    Goodbye Misahu

    Sad to see you go. 07
  7. #@WombatiacusforIHC (noticed he got up to brigadier) also lucky man
  8. My question is where did the others go? Did they go to the other RG?
  9. I mean, what I said was kinda not serious, but somehow mongo finds loopholes with tools...
  10. tbh RI are cool, GOV are the same
  11. @Mongo and mike mail a shovel to eachother several times so I banned shovels in the logistics center... that was probably the worst thing that happend to me. also when your the only navy on the venator (when we are on the venator) and you have to rush around each console, rush to control room, open the gate or hanger, try shoot down the muni... ECT ECT
  12. Dont you dare take them into my Logistics Center, I will smack you
  13. 1: why is this here. 2: Neutral till chopz says something
  14. *cough cough sith Rank and ISB Rank equivalents cough cough* srsly though good job
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